Can You Carry Weed in Barcelona?

If you plan on visiting Barcelona to be able to consume cannabis, you might want to make sure you fully understand the laws before consuming it because the laws can be confusing in Barcelona. Laws vary from country to country, so it’s important to become familiar with the cannabis law of the country you plan to visit. We will try to answer all of the baffling questions in regards to consuming and carrying cannabis in Barcelona because the answer is not black and white, it’s more of a yes and no.

Can you carry weed in Barcelona? It is illegal to carry weed in Barcelona in public places (street, stores, beach, etc.) any cannabis you have will be confiscated, you will be fined, and depending on how much you’re holding you may have to serve jail time. And trafficking and selling of cannabis are completely illegal in Barcelona, but the personal use of cannabis has been decriminalized. 

The cannabis culture of Barcelona has changed in recent years, and this has attracted more tourists. The culture will probably continue to evolve as people’s look on cannabis will change, too, but since the laws currently are not so clear, let’s walk you through everything you need to know about the cannabis culture and laws in Barcelona.

Having Weed in Public in Barcelona is Illegal

You cannot buy, harvest, or hold marijuana in any public place in Spain, and this includes Barcelona. If you smoke in public or display it in public, you can be fined, and it will be taken away. As stated above, depending on how much weed you have on, you can determine jail time or not. This can be from three to six years, again, depending on how much weed was confiscated.

Now, smoking marijuana in the privacy of your own home or where you’re renting if you’re visiting, is considered a private and personal matter. You can even grow it, but there is a limit. 

Only two plants per household, but it cannot be visible. In other words, do not leave the plant on your balcony where it can be seen.

Staying safe in Barcelona in regards to cannabis, don’t carry it in pubic, smoke it in private places, or join a smoke club.

What Exactly Is a Cannabis Club?

There are varies names for these, like social clubs, cannabis clubs, even coffee shops, but if smoking cannabis is illegal in public, how can you smoke in social clubs you may be asking? 

Well, the fact is that there are ways around this law. 

So, we know that smoking cannabis for personal use in public is out of the question, but smoking in a social club is considered private. The clubs only provide as much weed as allowed not to obtain jail time and are strict about members taking weed outside of the club.

Since you cannot legally purchase marijuana either, you technically don’t buy weed from the social clubs, you pay a membership fee, meaning you have to become a member to be allowed inside. Member’s personal information is never shared, not even with authorities. They are not allowed to enter the club without authorization to do so either. Only members are allowed inside the clubs, and members must present ID to enter.

How to Become a Member?

Each club targets different demographics, and the size of them vary too. Some can be run-down, but some can be extravagant and offer different products. In order to become a member, you must meet the basic requirements:

  1. Be over 18 or 21 depending on the club
  2. Show a government-issued identification card
  3. Have an invitation to join the cannabis club before arriving.

It’s not a long process to become a member; the identification can be a driver’s license, passport, or even a visa. The address doesn’t have to be a permanent home address either, and if you’re only visiting a hotel or Airbnb address will work just fine. The most challenging part is getting the referral, but you can request an invitation to a social club. You can see all of the clubs accepting new members here

After obtaining the invitation, you must have an appointment to enter the club. The person or sponsor who gave you the referral usually sets it up. To the appointment you must bring your identification and the membership fee, the amount can vary from club to club. After the interview is complete and you’ve passed, you will be given a membership card. You have to bring this card with you to enter the club every time.


Do You Have Legal Rights as a Member of a Cannabis Club?

As long as the club your membership resides is operating within compliance of the law, you are protected as a member. You must comply with all the rules of the club, but as soon as a rule is broken, you’re no longer protected. If rules are broken, the club has the right to revoke your membership and not provide a refund.

Always consume cannabis on the property of the club because this is the only “public” place, although it’s not really public, you can consume cannabis legally. As long as you’re consuming cannabis on the property, you are not breaking any Spanish laws.

Also, keep in mind that it is not illegal to join a cannabis club; you can legally become a member. Always be in compliance with the club rules, and you shouldn’t have any issues. And your personal information will always be protected.


What Can Be Done Inside a Cannabis Club?

Each club has its own rules and regulations, and it should be explained to you before you go to your first visit. As stated above, they usually have strict regulations and must be followed at all times to continue your membership.

  • You don’t “buy” weed – the membership fee covers for the team to grow and cultivate the marijuana
  • You can smoke inside
  • Enjoy games, music, and movies
  • Eat and drink inside – different clubs have different regulations regarding alcohol please ask before your visit
  • There is a limit of how much weed you can consume

Difference Between Legalization and Decriminalization

These two terms are essential to know, especially in regards to cannabis in Barcelona. Many hear and use these words without actually understanding the difference between the two. Legalization is when there is no punishment for growing, using, or purchasing cannabis, even for commercial use. Decriminalization is when it is still illegal to grow, use, or buy cannabis, but there is no punishable crime if someone is growing or using for personal reasons, like in their home.

Final Thoughts

Do your research on different clubs that are available in Barcelona before purchasing a membership. Find out their rules, regulations, and if they offer any other amenities that you might be interested in. These social clubs are trendy in Barcelona and could be a pleasant experience for a tourist.

Remember to never carry marijuana on you in public places, never smoke marijuana in public places, and never purchase marijuana in public places in Barcelona. As of right now, none of these acts are legal, but it could change in the near future, but until then, you must comply with the Spanish law. We never want to encourage breaking the law anywhere, so it is safe to always research before travelling.


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