The 5 Best Cannabis Clubs in San Sebastian

SpainWeedGuide Editorial Team

SpainWeedGuide Editorial Team

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The “Green Boom” isn’t just an American thing anymore; places throughout Europe are now starting to expand into cannabis culture. Cannabis clubs are now getting popular in multiple countries around the world, especially in Spain. In San Sebastian, things are getting greener than ever before with cannabis clubs. 

So, what are the best cannabis clubs in San Sebastian, anyway? According to top experts, the highest-rated cannabis clubs in and around this Spanish tourist hotspot are:

Figuring out which club you want to hit up isn’t always easy. This guide will let you know what you can get from each one, and why each is has its own appeal.

How To Get Into A Cannabis Club

For the most part, cannabis clubs in Spain are a very underground matter. You usually will need to know someone in order to get an invite into their venue, and most will require users to be citizens of Spain as a part of entry. 

If you are able to catch wind of a good venue that accepts tourists, then you should reach out to the club in advance of your visit and ask if they allow tourists to drop by. In many cases, you’ll be able to squeeze your way into at least one social club if you keep trying. 

Ganjazz Art Club

Love a little bit of art gazing alongside your toking? Not a problem, if you go to Ganjazz. Located in the heart of San Sebastian, this dispensary-club fusion is open to the public as long as you ask nicely. 

Inside, visitors will get to enjoy a really elegant blend between an art house and a dispensary featuring everything from tinctures to edibles. The gallery itself is filled to the brim with local talent, and works well for people who love visual stimulation while they kick back with some 420. 

The best perks of Ganjazz Art Club Include:

  • Excellent Artwork. If you’re worried about going to a venue that’s tacky or too stoner-y, you’re going to love the elegant concepts behind this club. 
  • (Somewhat) Open To Newbies. Finding an invitation to many cannabis clubs can prove to be a hassle. Ganjazz isn’t like that at all, and tends to be fairly accommodating to travelers and tourists. 
  • Top Rated Knowledge On Cannabis. If you’re new to cannabis or just have questions, the folks at this club are going to be able to help you out. As proud advocates of responsible cannabis use, they’re happy to explain the benefits and local laws surrounding the plant. 

Lurretik Cannabis Club

Lurretik Cannabis Club is a more underground type of club, and offers up a smoking setting that is impeccably homey, cafe-like, and Spanish. If you’re a tourist that wants to get a taste of Spain while also enjoying a taste of the local bud, then Lurretik might be a good choice for you to consider. 

This club isn’t the easiest one to get into, though. Because of the high quality cannabis goods offered up at this venue, it’s fairly exclusive. To be able to go here, you actually have to be invited in. That being said, if you can snag an invitation, you will be able to enjoy some seriously good service and some of the best Spanish cannabis derivatives you’ve ever smoked. 

Going to Lurretik Cannabis Club offers you:

  • Intimate Settings. This is the kind of place you go when you want to meet up and connect with people. If you want to bring a date to a cannabis club, this would be a good place to go. 
  • Excellent Cannabis. The reviews are all aglow with the quality of goods that you get at Lurretik. Bravo!
  • Top Tier Service. The reason it’s such a popular club is because it has amazing service. You’ll love it!


Many cannabis dispensaries out there claim to be cannabis clubs, but don’t really have the social aspect of the experience. Abora is not one of those clubs. This is a venue that is designed for people to enjoy hanging out with friends while they have a little toke.

The best way to describe Abora is to call it a pothead’s paradise. This venue has televisions for watching local soccer matches, video games, billiards, and a dartboard. Like Lurretik, this club is ultra-exclusive and will only accept members once other members leave. 

The perks of Abora membership include:

  • Superb Entertainment. Video games, billiards, and televisions are here for your enjoyment. This is pretty much a classic stoner house, but with a lot more class. 
  • Great Members. Abora is known for having a seriously tight-knit community around it. If you’re lucky enough to score a membership, you’ll be able to find new friends in no time.
  • Status. The only way to get an invite to Abora is through a current member, so it’s become a bit of a bragging right among cannabis aficionados in the Basque region.


Basque clubs are becoming increasingly spa-like, and this pick is proof of it. Amagi is an exclusive cannabis club that is just as stylish as it is packed with great weed. The menu involves a wonderful selection of both cannabis and CBD-exclusive products, all of which can be enjoyed both medically and recreationally for reasonable prices. 

This members-only cannabis club is a lot more like a dispensary and health spa than it is a typical social club. They have qualified professionals who can advise you on the best strains and products for your needs, and even give you information on cannabis health benefits. Even so, their tea lounge is amazing. 

Going to Amagi means you enjoy:

  • A Quality Cannabis Menu. You get to choose top quality products that are paired with both recreational and medical perks. If you love having a wide range of products, you’ll enjoy Amagi.
  • Spa Surroundings. This is the kind of cannabis club where you can relax in your own personal Shangri-La. Their teas aren’t too bad, which is why it’s so common to see clients kick back with a cup or two after buying their goods.
  • Elegant, Intimate Decor. If you’re looking for a place to smoke your goods with friends without worrying about people or noise bothering you, this is the place to go.

Gorilla Verde

Gorilla Verde is a little different than most other top-rated cannabis clubs when it comes to the way it does things. This private club has a very exclusive, member-approval only initiation and also makes a point of keeping cannabis use as responsible as possible. It’s also appointment only. 

Its graffiti-laden interior gives the venue a pointed hip hop vibe, and they also boast an amazing restaurant as part of their span. Thankfully, Gorilla Verde is open to tourist visitors in certain situations, so you might be able to swing an invite if you’re lucky. 

Gorilla Verde’s top perks include:

    • Excellent Cannabis Selection. This club is regularly cited as one of the best in the San Sebastian-Irun region, primarily because they have some of the most potent strains of weed in Spain. 
    • Delicious Foods. Cookies, canapes and more regularly get rave reviews from patrons. Their coffees are also fairly impressive in their own right.
    • Friendly Yet Edgy Atmosphere. The Gorilla Verde is a great choice if you’re looking to visit a club that’s very laid back, open to having random chats occur, and relatively friendly to newcomers. Most people also get a kick from the wall art, too.

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