Best Cannabis Clubs in Spain

Cannabis isn’t technically legal in Spain, but that hasn’t stopped a booming cannabis tourism industry from springing up within the sunny European country. 

While it might still be technically illegal, the law enforcement officials of Spain are very lax towards its use as long as users are discreet and keep it off the street, and private clubs offer it for acquisition across Spain.  

So, where are the best cannabis clubs in Spain? These five cannabis clubs are some of the best ones across the country:

  • La Isla Verde
  • Mono Loco
  • Carme 66 Cannabis Club
  • Friends Lounge BCN
  • Mon Ami

If you want to check out the cannabis tourism circuit in Spain, private cannabis clubs are a fun and secure way to go about it. However, you’ll need to know some things up front to have a positive experience. 

These clubs are called private clubs for a reason—they can be a bit secretive, and finding public information on them online or elsewhere can be difficult. Read on to find out how you can contact these cannabis clubs and request a membership, as well as their general requirements.

The Private Cannabis Clubs of Spain—What Are Cannabis Social Clubs and How Do They Work in Practice?

Spain has taken a very different direction when it comes to the legalization of recreational marijuana in comparison to countries in North America, such as the United States or Canada. 

Instead of legalizing cannabis, Spain has instead allowed the formation of cannabis social clubs (CSCs), which are private, nonprofit organizations that facilitate the distribution and sales of cannabis amongst their registered members. 

These clubs have a minimal negative impact on law enforcement in Spain, so as long as they do not openly distribute or traffic cannabis on the street or outside of the club’s domain, law enforcement is typically happy to ignore them. 

While this puts CSCs in a weird legal gray area, it also allows both residents of Spain and tourists alike to enjoy cannabis in Spain with very little worry about conflicting with the law. However, because they are so discreet in their dealings with the public, private cannabis clubs can be a bit difficult to find and join. 

How to Get into a Cannabis Club in Spain

Cannabis social clubs in Spain are technically geared towards serving the local population, so the easiest way to get invited into a cannabis club is to be a Spanish speaking resident of Spain. However, because of how well it fits into Spain’s tourism industry, many cannabis clubs are opening themselves to tourists who are in the country on a temporary basis. 

These clubs often post vague or inaccurate physical addresses online in order to avoid police crackdowns but are usually easy to communicate with via email or phone. 

If you find a cannabis club in Spain you’d like to visit, the first thing you need to do is make sure that you meet the requirements. Some clubs require you to be a resident of Spain or the city you’re visiting, and virtually all of them require you to be endorsed by a current member of the club. This can be achieved via an email or registration appointment. 

When contacting a cannabis club via email or phone, you can gain access to more detailed information about the club, including the following:

  • Pricing of registration and products
  • Membership requirements
  • Address and hours of operation 

A direct contact with the club is often your ticket to getting an endorsement from a club member, setting up an appointment for a visit (very few cannabis clubs allow walk-ins) and help you complete your registration with the club. 

Tips for Visiting a Cannabis Club in Spain

It is important when you’re visiting a cannabis club in Spain that you have a Spanish address to list on your registration. If you’re just a visiting tourist, this can be the address of your Spanish hotel or hostel. You don’t have to have a residential address in most cases. 

You’ll also need to provide a photo ID to verify your age and identification. Once this ID is verified, you’ll usually be offered a chance to register with the club for an annual fee that covers your entry into the club for twelve months. This fee does not cover the cost of the cannabis you buy once you’re in the club, however–that costs extra. 

Once in the club, don’t use the words “purchase” or “buy” in reference to any of the products on offer, as cannabis clubs are very protective of their nonprofit status in order to avoid accusations of trafficking and other problems with the police. If you do use this terminology in a cannabis club, you may even be asked to leave. 

You should also know that taking cannabis outside the club when you leave is strictly forbidden in most cannabis clubs, so you should not buy more cannabis in a session than you are able to smoke or ingest at one time. If you’re caught with cannabis on the street, you may be fined or imprisoned (though it’s more likely the police will simply confiscate it from you). 

Best Cannabis Clubs in Spain

The following list includes some of the best-rated cannabis social clubs in all of Spain. While some cannabis clubs are not open to tourists, many will accept international visitors as long as they meet prior membership conditions such as the minimum age. 

La Isla Verde

Address: Pasaje Rafael AlbertiSan Pedro de Alcántara, Andalusia Spain 29670
Phone Number: N/A (email only)
Hours: 4:00PM – 10:00PM, seven days a week

Notes: Features handicap accessibility; ages 21 and up. Please contact in advance via email. No one without a previously set appointment accepted. Tourist-friendly. Relaxed vibe with a wide variety of good strains. 

Mono Loco

Address: Carrer Napols 139Barcelona, Catalunya ES 08013
Phone: N/A (email only)
Hours: 11:00AM – 1:00AM, 7 days a week

Notes: Features security, handicap accessibility; ages 21 and up. Photos allowed. Easy to join with free membership/registration. Strong edibles. Contact via email or Instagram for free entry.   

Carme 66 Cannabis Club

Address: Carrer del Carme, 66Barcelona, Catalunya ES 08001
Phone: +34 938583530
Hours: Monday through Thursday 11:00 AM – 1:00 AM, Friday 11:00 AM – 2:00 AM, Saturday 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM, Sunday 12:00 PM – 1:00AM

Notes: Ages 18 and up; photos allowed. Good cozy ambiance, but cash only sales. Friendly service
with approximately 59 strains available. Has tobacco, rolling papers, bongs, and grinders available for free use.  

Friends Lounge BCN

Address: Carrer Riera Blanca 43Barcelona, Catalunya Spain 08028
Phone: +34 931449526
Hours: 11:00AM – 11:00PM Monday through Thursday, Sunday; 11:00AM – 12:00AM Friday
and Saturday

Notes: Features handicap accessibility, photos allowed; ages 18 and up. Friendly staff with a good selection and a relaxed, quiet club. Very welcoming to newcomers. Good connection to public transport. 

Mon Ami

Address: Ronda de Sant Pere, 42Barcelona, Catalunya Spain 08010
Phone: N/A (email only)
Hours: 10:00AM – 12:00AM, 7 days a week

Notes: Features security, handicap accessibility, and lab-verified products. Ages 21 and up; photos allowed. Friendly reception will explain the associated rules and laws. Has leather couches, large screen televisions, a drink menu for refreshments, and bongs for use behind the bar. Good selection of both Spanish cannabis strains and California imports. 

Final Thoughts

Private cannabis social clubs can be a great way to indulge in some cannabis culture on your Spanish vacation, but it’s important to know the rules before you go. 

If you meet the prerequisites for joining, sending an email to the club is usually the only thing you need to do in order to gain registration and access. Happy toking!