Top 10 Cannabis Clubs on Lanzarote

SpainWeedGuide Editorial Team

SpainWeedGuide Editorial Team

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Cannabis clubs are becoming more and more popular on Lanzarote, and like the rest of Spanish territory, also like the rest of Spain, cannabis users can indulge in public consumption in the form of cannabis clubs.

Best Social Clubs in Lanzarote

Klinic Cannabis Club - Playa Honda


420 Playa Honda


420 Costa Teguise


Editors Choice

Klinic Cannabis Club - Playa Honda

Recommended by many, Quality products, Friendly and welcoming staff

Editors Choice

420 Playa Honda

Excellent place, Quality and great environment, Very cosy

Editors Choice

420 Costa Teguise

Top quality, Very friendly staff, Nice selection

Cannabis clubs are becoming more and more popular on Lanzarote, and like the rest of Spanish territory, the legality of cannabis in the Canary Islands is somewhat in a grey area. But also like the rest of Spain, cannabis users can indulge in public consumption in the form of cannabis clubs. 

So what are the top cannabis clubs on Lanzarote? The top ten cannabis clubs on Lanzarote are
as follows:

  • Klinic Cannabis Club
  • Sensi Club Costa Seguisse
  • Cannapharmacia Playa Blanca
  • Hemperor Playa Blanca
  • Blunts Dispensary
  • GratefulMeds CSC
  • Montana Grass Lanzarote
  • Grass Monkey Lanzarote
  • AC Green Point
  • Lanzarote 420 Costa Teguise
  • Cannabis Therapeutics Association’s Tabaquito ASTT Lanzarote

There are more than five hundred cannabis clubs in Spain, but you still have to jump through some hoops in order to get inside since these clubs are technically private organizations. There is plenty of weed around if you know where to look.

Keep reading to learn more about the cannabis clubs you can visit on Lanzarote and what kind of activities and cannabis-based products you can enjoy there.

Is Weed Legal on Lanzarote?

Even though the Canary Islands have a government that is autonomous from Spain, they have followed suit with Spain’s strange (if effective) handling of decriminalizing cannabis within its territories. In Spain and its territories such as Lanzarote, you can grow your own weed and keep it at home for private use, but nobody can see you growing it, and you can’t smoke in public, and you can’t sell it on the street.

If you are caught selling weed on Lanzarote, you can receive up to three years in jail, and if you get caught smoking in public, you can pay a fine of up to three hundred euros.

Nevertheless, Spanish citizens and citizens of the Canary Islands want to enjoy recreational and medicinal cannabis. All over the country, private cannabis clubs have cropped up to offer a safe, private, discreet place for both local residents and tourists to smoke weed somewhere off the street, so they aren’t harassed by law enforcement. These clubs also give locals who have a common interest in cannabis culture to hang out together in a chill environment.

Like many law enforcement organizations, the law enforcement of Lanzarote realizes that cannabis is not very high on their list of priorities when it comes to harassing drug users or vendors, so as long as cannabis is consumed inside the clubs and not out on the street, the police are content to live and let live. As a result, recreational cannabis culture has thrived in the Canary Islands.

Cannabis Social Clubs Are the Best Place to Get Cannabis on Lanzarote

If you’re a tourist visiting Lanzarote, you likely won’t be on the island long before you’re approached by someone trying to sell you some cannabis or other drugs. Even though people can be arrested for selling drugs on the street, this doesn’t stop locals from making an attempt.

However, smart tourists will wait rather than give in to the first person who approaches them, because there is often much better quality weed available in the cannabis clubs for much better prices. Because these clubs often feature security measures, they’re a lot safer when you’re consuming cannabis in a foreign country that you don’t know that well.

Rather than someone selling cannabis directly, you might run into people who are advertising for one of the local cannabis clubs. It is safer for people to affiliate themselves with these private clubs than to try and sell on the street. Cannabis clubs are encouraged to strictly enforce the separation of cannabis-free public spaces and cannabis-friendly clubs, and many of them do their best to adhere to this standard laid out by law enforcement.

While this might seem like an odd way of regulating cannabis use on the island, in practice, it works pretty well since the cannabis clubs are respectful of the rules, and law enforcement is generally lax in its enforcement of the law.

How Do Private Cannabis Clubs on Lanzarote Work?

The function of a cannabis social club is to act as a nonprofit collective that offers a private place for residents and tourists to indulge in recreational or medicinal marijuana (or both). Along with cannabis and the accessories needed to ingest it in its many forms, cannabis clubs also usually offer refreshments like drinks and snacks as well as amenities like music, television, or games.

Cannabis clubs are allowed to operate on Lanzarote for several reasons:

  • Lanzarote allows citizens to partake in cannabis in the privacy of their homes, as well as grow it for recreational use as long as it’s done privately. The private cannabis club laws reflect this same law enforcement policy that allows for recreational use but restricts flagrant or antisocial behavior.
  • Private cannabis clubs are run as nonprofit organizations, which means that the police don’t see them as drug trafficking organizations, but rather organizations that grow and distribute cannabis for private, personal use.
  • Private cannabis clubs are a good example of responsible recreational cannabis use. Membership is monitored and restricted, cannabis is not allowed to be carried out of the clubs, and unruly behavior is not tolerated. For medicinal patients, private cannabis clubs act as a simple way for patients to manage their own pain, depression, and anxiety without relying on more addictive or dangerous forms of medication.
  • Since most private cannabis clubs have an age restriction of twenty-one and up, cannabis clubs are not seen as contributing to delinquency or increased cannabis use amongst minors.

Because Spain and the Canary Islands have taken such a lackadaisical approach to enforcing cannabis laws, these clubs have blossomed into a major form of tourism that is bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

Cannabis clubs are technically private organizations, and the police want to be able to turn a blind eye to them, so as a result, membership is discreet, and figuring out how to get in can be tricky. Very few cannabis clubs allow people to just walk in off the street, especially if they’re foreigners.

How to Get into a Cannabis Club on Lanzarote

Being a resident of Lanzarote makes it easier to get into a private cannabis club, and most people in the neighborhood already have their favorite clubs if they’re cannabis users. Those who live locally know which clubs enjoy a good reputation and which ones don’t, so it’s easier to figure out which clubs to go to if you live on Lanzarote.

Tourists can have a harder time finding a high-quality cannabis club on Lanzarote than locals because they’re usually mobbed by people selling cheap weed as soon as they hit the sidewalk. If you know you’re visiting Lanzarote, it’s a good idea to check into the clubs ahead of time, so you have an idea of at least a few you want to visit.

The reason it’s so important to contact the clubs before you come to Lanzarote is that if they know you’re coming, they can set up an appointment for you to meet the club’s management, and this often makes the registration process a lot easier. The staff can also answer any questions you have about the menu, pricing, ID requirements, or anything else you might need to know to find the club.

Many of these clubs will not allow entry without a membership endorsement (usually gained through an email discussion or phone call) and an ID, so check before showing up.

How to Pick a Cannabis Club on Lanzarote

There are so many different cannabis clubs available in the Canary Islands that you might be overwhelmed at the number available to you on Lanzarote. To that purpose, we’ve included a list of the ten best cannabis clubs on Lanzarote further below. However, to figure out which cannabis club will best suit your purposes, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What strains of cannabis do I enjoy? Do you have favorites that you want to seek out, or would you rather the budkeeper point you in the direction of something new? Some cannabis clubs offer tried-and-true favorites, while others focus on advancing new hybrids and strains.
  • Am I a recreational or medicinal user? Some cannabis clubs cater specifically to those who use cannabis medicinally, while others have more of a social and recreational atmosphere.
  • What forms of cannabis do I want to enjoy? Some clubs focus more on smokable flower and bud, while others have a wide variety of edibles, hashish, shatter, and other cannabis products on offer.
  • What is my budget like? While most cannabis clubs have prices that are pretty comparable to each other, some clubs lean more expensive and others that are cheaper, but with a distinct quality dive as well. Some cannabis clubs have a large range of different pricing available so that there’s something for every budget.

Tips for Visiting a Cannabis Club on Lanzarote

When visiting cannabis clubs on Lanzarote, it’s important to make sure you bring along a local address with you—if you’re not a local, this can be the address of the hotel or residence you’re staying at. There’s no need to worry over this. Your address is recorded simply as a security measure. If you’re a resident, you’ll obviously want to give your home address.

Two other things you’ll need to bring with you are a photo ID (passports are easiest for tourists) along with the money you need to pay for your membership. Also, don’t forget to bring additional money to purchase your cannabis since this price is not included in the price of membership. A one-time fee is usually all that’s needed to gain twelve months of access to the club. Some clubs don’t even charge that.

Once you’re in the cannabis club, you need to keep in mind that you can’t take any of the cannabis with you back out onto the street to smoke or back to a hotel, as the former is illegal and the latter is frowned upon. The best option is only to buy enough cannabis for you to ingest in a single sitting and come back to the club later if you want to get more.

Etiquette in Private Cannabis Clubs on Lanzarote

Cannabis clubs on Lanzarote are not high-strung places, but you’ll still need to conduct yourself with some manners while you’re visiting the club. Overall, you should act in a club about the same as you’d act in any other cannabis dispensary. Following the etiquette below can help you get along better in the cannabis clubs while you’re there:

  • Know a little Spanish. While some cannabis clubs cater specifically to tourists and feature staff that speak multiple languages (including English), others may feature staff that only speak Spanish. Being able to speak a bit of it can make it much easier for you to get into one of the clubs if you’re not from Lanzarote.
  • Let the club know you’re coming. Most cannabis clubs in Spanish territory do not operate on a walk-in basis, so if you just show up unannounced you may end up with a door shut in your face. The safer option is to call ahead or shoot an email to the club contact to ask for an appointment. Not only does this let the staff know you’re cool, but it also gives you the chance to ask for any additional information you may want to know about the club.
  • Be relaxed. Many of the cannabis clubs on Lanzarote have two types of vibes—those that are very mellow and laid-back, and those that have more of a party-oriented, social vibe. Either way, a cannabis club is not the same as a bar, and the kind of rowdy behavior that happens in a bar is not the same atmosphere that is usually cultivated in a cannabis club.
  • Bring cash to pay for club expenses. Cash is the preferred method of payment in many of the cannabis clubs as it simplifies bookkeeping, though some may accept major credit cards. If you don’t check with the club ahead of time to verify that they accept credit or debit, make sure that you have plenty of cash on hand so that you can pay for your membership and your cannabis.

The cannabis clubs on Lanzarote are relaxed, laid-back places. Chances are you’re going to either be on holiday or you’re a local in one of the most beautiful places in the world, so you’re bound to be in a good mood and in a good place. But knowing the unspoken rules for how the cannabis clubs operate can make your adventure just a little bit smoother.

For the most part, the staff at the Lanzarote cannabis clubs can answer any questions you could possibly have, so feel free to reach out to them if you have unanswered questions.

The Best Cannabis Clubs on Lanzarote

The following is a list of ten of the best cannabis clubs you can find on Lanzarote. Some cannabis clubs only accept memberships from people who are already residents of the island, but because the Canary Islands are so tourist-centric, it is easy to find many cannabis clubs that will allow foreign visitors as long as they have the money to get in and can meet the requirements to become a member.

If you want more specific information about each of the cannabis clubs listed below, they all have some form of contact information available. Either calling them on the phone or sending them an email can be the first step towards securing your registration appointment and getting that much closer to enjoying some of the best weed on Lanzarote.

So after setting your appointment with the club, make sure you have your ID, plenty of cash, and a local address in town, and you should be able to get into any cannabis spot on the island with ease.

If you don’t know any Spanish, it can be a good idea to download some kind of language translation app for your smartphone so that you’ll be able to communicate more clearly in case you run into any staff that can’t speak your native language.

Because they have such a mellow ambiance and allow for the mixing of both local regulars and tourists that are only passing through, there are eclectic social opportunities to be had at cannabis clubs along with the many types of weed available to experience. Keep reading to learn about some of the best cannabis clubs you can visit on the island.



Address: Calle de los Geranios, 8, 35508 Costa Teguise, Las Palmas, Spain
Email: N/A
Phone Number: +34 683 54 96 83
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 11AM – 9PM; Sunday 1PM – 9PM

Notes: This cannabis club is one of the smaller clubs available on Lanzarote and only has two strains of weed available, but they are both high quality. While Sensi garnered some poor reviews early on after its inception due to pricing fluctuations and some other issues, it has since seen major changes in both staff and atmosphere.

Canna Pharmacia Playa Blanca

Address: “Calle el Varadero, 14” Playa Blanca, Sp 35580
Website: N/A
Phone Number: +34 928518395
Hours: Monday – Sunday, 2PM – 10PM

Notes: A small relaxing place to kick back with friends. No website or additional information available, so call the above phone number for more details and registration information.

Hemperor Playa Blanca

Address: Calle el Correíllo, 56, 35580 Playa Blanca, Las Palmas, Spain
Phone Number: N/A
Hours: Monday – Thursday, 10:30AM – 9:30PM; Friday – Saturday 12PM – 9PM

Notes: You can find an equal mix of both locals and tourists in this cannabis club, and you’ll need a combination of twenty euros and a passport to gain entry. The process for registration is uncomplicated, which makes this cannabis club a good choice for any people just passing through Lanzarote. Visitors are just as welcome here as regulars, so sit back and make yourself at home.

Blunts Dispensary Lanzarote

Address: Commercial Centro matagorda local 67, 35510 Puerto del Carmen, Las Palmas, Spain
Website: N/A
Phone Number: +34 928514388
Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10AM – 10PM

Notes: The friendly and helpful staff at Blunts Dispensary not only can tell you exactly what kind of weed you should smoke if you’re undecided, they can also point you in the direction of other fun activities and also have delicious edibles on offer. Check to see if they have any butterfly cakes!

GratefulMeds CSC

Address: Calle José Pereyra Galviaty, 86, 35500 Arrecife, Las Palmas, Spain
Phone Number: +34 676692987
Hours: Monday – Saturday 12PM – 8AM; Closed Sunday

Notes: This cannabis club is geared towards medicinal users rather than recreational users, and for anyone who has chronic pain, GratefulMeds CSC can be a godsend. This club has a wide variety of hemp-based creams and essential oils as well as regular bud.

Montana Grass Lanzarote

Address: Calle Reina Sofía°2 Esquina/Corner, Calle Juan Carlos I, 35510 Puerto del Carmen,
Las Palmas, Spain
Email: N/A
Phone Number: +34 828043563
Hours: Monday – Saturday, 3PM – 11PM; Closed Sunday

Notes: Montana Grass is a good spot on Lanzarote for medicinal marijuana as well as a comfortable, cozy atmosphere to ingest it in. While the weed was a bit average when this cannabis club started out, the quality and prices have both improved significantly in the time since it opened up.

Grass Monkey Lanzarote

Address: Calle Jameos 1 Puerto del Carmen, Canarias ES 35510
Phone Number: +34 828125807
Hours: Monday – Sunday, 11AM – 1PM
Notes: This club features friendly budkeepers as well as constantly changing deals, so you’re always likely to find good prices. There are no admission fees at this cannabis club, and the process for registration is very simple. Though Grass Monkey isn’t quite as established as some of the larger clubs on Lanzarote, it enjoys a strong reputation.

AC Green Point

Address: Calle Rociega, 8, 35510 Tías, Las Palmas, Spain
Phone Number: +34 696176972
Hours: Monday – Sunday, 2PM – 10PM
Notes: This club has many different strains of bud available with pronounced differences in aroma and flavor. AC Green Point is just off Hiperdino and features unbelievable views of both the mountains and ocean to take in while you partake.

For amenities, at AC Green Point you can take part in either a few board games such as chess or Connect 4 or get down on some video games on the Playstation 4. This club also has drinks and snacks available for a donation towards the club’s operation costs. 

Lanzarote 420 Costa Teguise

Address: Avenida Islas Canarias, 3 (Loc 1-C C Nautical, 35508 Costa Teguise, Las Palmas, Spain
Phone Number: N/A (contact via email)
Hours: Monday – Sunday, 4PM – 10PM
Notes: A small, cozy club that is perfect for a holiday getaway, 420 has both bud and edibles on offer for visiting guests.

The cost of entry is ten euros, and you must have your passport or ID in hand to get in. Not only does the budkeeper at 420 top off your drinks and keep you refreshed, he also has a large magnifying glass behind the bar so that you can check out all the crystals on your flower before you light up. Sparkly!

Cannabis Therapeutics Association’s Tabaquito ASTT Lanzarote

Address: Calle Tajaraste, 69, 35500 Arrecife, Las Palmas, Spain
Email: N/A (contact via phone)
Phone Number: +34 928803212
Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10AM – 10PM
Notes: This fun club is decked out in lime green paint and has a vibrant attitude to match. If you have a medical card or can otherwise prove you’re a patient approved for cannabis you can buy as much of the cannabis as you’d like, but all others are restricted to five grams per visit.

For amenities, you can enjoy a dazzling array of chocolates and other sweet snacks, and while twenty euros is a bit high for a membership fee, the quality of bud on hand combined with the friendly, knowledgeable staff makes the cost worth it.

Lanzarote is One of the Best Places in the Canary Islands for Cannabis

Because you can’t buy cannabis or use it in public, many people just passing through on a visit to Lanzarote may not even realize that there is cannabis freely available on the island until someone walks up to them on the street and asks them if they want to buy it. But a much safer, more legitimate option that is less likely to result in a fine or an embarrassing lecture from local law enforcement is to make arrangements to enter a cannabis club.

Since Lanzarote is a tropical paradise, there are plenty of cannabis clubs that will try to fulfill your party fantasies in an exuberant way, but many other cannabis clubs on the island are instead a place where both locals and foreigners alike can sit down and enjoy one of the world’s oldest recreational substances in an environment with good music, good food, and an amazing atmosphere.

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Ready to join a cannabis club?

In Lanzarote, you require an endoresement by an existing member. 

Contact Klinic Cannabis Club and they can assist.