How to Get Weed in Mallorca- A Complete Guide

Like the rest of Spain, Mallorca is on the fast-track to making a name for itself in the cannabis community. Whether you’re a tourist or resident of Mallorca you’ll be able to find quality weed in legitimate ways.

How to get weed in Mallorca? There are two ways to obtain weed in Mallorca- by becoming a member of a cannabis social club or by growing it yourself. The former is the faster and easier option but requires a series of prerequisites for membership. 

Spain’s lax cannabis laws and legal loopholes make it possible to enjoy the chronic stress-free. It’s not as simple as walking into a store, but if you do your research beforehand, you’ll be all set upon arrival. With the right preparation you can elevate your experience on arguably one of the best islands in Europe. 

How to Join a Cannabis Social Club in Mallorca

Cannabis social clubs are nonprofit organizations exclusively for members to consume marijuana. In Spain it’s not legal to sell or consume publicly, but it is within the law to smoke (or vape, or eat) in private. Therefore, you pay for your membership to the club and then “donate” a given amount in exchange for the goods. You can’t walk away with it though, so enjoy a responsible amount before hitting the Mallorca beaches.

Due to their underground culture, there’s a specific procedure to gain access into these secret societies. Showing up at the door uninvited is only going to waste your time. Not all clubs accept tourists, but since you need to communicate with them prior to your visit, you’ll be able to find out the information you need.

In order to gain membership, you must:

  1. Be 18+ or 21+ depending on the club
  2. Provide a government-issued ID. Passport, National ID or Drivers License
  3. Provide a Spanish address – A hotel your Airbnb address will suffice
  4. Have an invitation to join a club. This is by either a referral from an existing member or contacting the club directly and request an invitation.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll be invited to the venue to fill out membership forms and pay the annual membership fee, which can run anywhere from 15 to 50 euros.

The cannabis social clubs are designed for you to hang around and enjoy the product. They are less like the store-like atmospheres you’ll find in the states and more like the many coffeeshops in Amsterdam. The majority of clubs offer entertainment such as music and games, in addition to food (because, obviously).

I can’t stress it enough- pay close attention to all the rules. These clubs are relying on the cooperation of the community to operate and any law breaking on your part might cause them to shut down. It’s still an underground community that’s frowned upon by the wider public.

Prices in Mallorca

Legally (technically) weed isn’t sold in Spain, so there is no cost. Clubs ask for donations from 8 to 30 euros a gram, averaging out to about 17 euros a gram. And as we mentioned before, club membership fees range from 15 to 50 euros. So, it’s hard to pin a price tag on your weed funds- but to be safe it’s best to budget on the higher end so you don’t end up short once you’re there.

On the other hand, growing it yourself, means you’ll have to dish out a few hundred dollars to purchase the necessary equipment to get started. It’s a great investment in the long run if you have the time for that. If you’re frugal and good with money you may be able to make it work low-cost too.

Strains in Mallorca

Many of Spain’s popular strains are the same you’d find in the United States. Chances are you’ll stumble across one or more of these:

OG Kush – California’s classic cannabis strain made its way to the other side of the world. The hybrid offers a relaxed and happy vibe.

Lemon Sour Diesel– This sativa strain offers an uplifted buzz so you can maintain the energy you need to go exploring.

Girl Scout Cookies– This is a heavier hybrid that’s best used for unwinding under the Mediterranean sun.

Gorilla Glue– True to its namesake, this potent hybrid strain will have you glued to your seat.

Green Crack– A sativa with a smooth and stimulating high.

Candy Kush– This combination of Blue Dream and OG Kush won’t disappoint. It’s also an easy strain to grow.

Medicinal Marijuana in Spain

Besides Catalonia, Spain is not as advanced in medicinal marijuana laws compared to other countries. Your medical card, unfortunately, won’t be able to grant you automatic entry into clubs or immunity to the law. Some clubs still consider part of their product medicinal though there’s no real distinction between the two.

If you have medicinal needs, contact the clubs before you get there so you know for certain you have a place to go during your stay. Do not attempt to take any with you! Smuggling drugs across international borders is a serious offense. If you get caught, you’ll be facing a prison sentence, not to mention an excessive amount of time without access to weed. It’s simply not worth the risk.

Grow Shops in Mallorca

Mundo Cannabis Grow Shop

Address: Carretera de Manacor, 327, 07198 Son Ferriol, Islas Baleares, Spain

Phone: +34 971 42 67 95

Grow Marley Arenal

Address: Lisboa 3, El Arenal, Islas Baleares, Spain

Phone: +34 631 01 42 58



Address: calle Miguel Bisellach, 27 – local 07300 Inca, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

Phone: +34 971 50 62 48