How to get Weed in Malaga

Cannabis clubs are all the rage in Spain, especially in the Costa de Sol area of southern Spain. Malaga in particular is a good location for some cannabis tourism, but because cannabis in Spain is still not technically legal to purchase, getting it can be a bit tricky. 

So, where are the best cannabis clubs in Malaga? These 5 cannabis clubs are some of the best clubs you’ll find:

 Club Social Malaga
 Pitbull Verde
 Kushing Coffee Shop
 Mood Club 420
 Habana Club

You can obtain cannabis as a tourist or a resident in Malaga, Spain, but only through what is known as a cannabis social club, or CSC. These private clubs can be open to visiting tourists, but there are some rules involved that you need to know before you go. 

Because they are not technically legal, the public information on some of these private cannabis clubs can be difficult to obtain past a basic telephone or email contact. Read on to get this contact information and learn a bit more about some of Malaga’s best cannabis clubs.

Private Cannabis Clubs in Spain: How Do They Work?

Just like the rest of the world, Spain has been operating under the restrictions of a very long and strict prohibition on cannabis and other drugs. However, in 2015, the Spanish government made a legal reform to decriminalize the personal use, cultivation and possession of marijuana. 

So, in perfect Spanish fashion, many people courageously opened Cannabis Social Clubs whose foundation was based in a big loophole in the law. Under the Penal Code, marijuana may be cultivated for personal use and possession of an amount of marijuana that constitutes personal use is not deemed a crime.

There are now hundreds of social clubs all over Spain. The clubs have been under close observation by the Spanish authorities to ensure that they continue to operate within the parameters of the law. With that being said, many have been shut down due to unlawful behaviour. 

The first rule of Cannabis Club, is you DO NOT Talk about Cannabis Club

Some of these clubs can be a little difficult to get into due to the legal status of cannabis in Malaga, however. To prevent police crackdowns and raids, the members of these communities are a close-mouthed bunch, and information on them is not readily available.

Rather, you need to contact any cannabis social club you’re planning on visiting via a phone call or email contact and set up a registration appointment through them directly. 

Many cannabis social clubs in Malaga and elsewhere in Spain do not accept walk-ins to maintain discretion and a safe atmosphere for their patrons. 

How to get into a Cannabis Club in Malaga

While it is significantly easier to get access to a private cannabis club in Spain if you are a local versus being a tourist, tourists can still get in, provided they’re willing to do a little investigation and calling-ahead first. Most simply require that you contact them ahead of your visit. 

Before showing up at a cannabis social club uninvited (which makes a bad first impression and may lead to you being refused service), you need to phone or email and let them know you’d like to visit. Make sure prior to coming that you meet the basic requirements of the club, such as age or residency.

By contacting the cannabis social club directly, you’ll often receive much more detailed information about membership fees, available products, and other questions you have than you’d otherwise get doing research online. 

And if you just show up expecting your questions answered, you might end up showing up to an empty or locked building, as many cannabis clubs do not permit open entry from the street. 

Tips for visiting a Cannabis Club in Malaga

Before visiting a cannabis social club (and after you verify with the club itself that showing up is okay, usually via a registration appointment) you’ll need to make sure you have your photo ID and the money you’ll use for your registration and whatever cannabis you buy. 

New members should keep in mind that the money you pay for your annual membership in a private cannabis club does not cover the cost of cannabis in the club–that costs extra. 

Also, be sure that you have the address of your hotel or wherever you’re staying in Malaga if you are a tourist, as many cannabis social clubs require this information upon registration. For most clubs, it doesn’t matter if you’re technically a resident, but you must provide a Spanish address. 

For some clubs, however, you are required to be a resident of Spain or even the city where you are visiting, so make sure to check requirements carefully. 

Rules in the Cannabis Club

It is typically frowned upon in cannabis clubs to use the words “buy” or “purchase” or similar verbs in reference to the cannabis available. This is because of Spain’s laws that are still being enforced with regard to the sale of cannabis.

By deterring members from treating the transaction as a business deal (and thus opening themselves to scrutiny), cannabis clubs operate on a strictly non-profit basis, and making sure people don’t make “purchases” at the club helps reinforce that. 

When you enter a cannabis social club in Spain, you’ll likely see signs all over the place informing you that you can’t carry cannabis with you out onto the street when you leave, as it is still technically illegal to possess it in public. 

It is generally recommended to only buy as much cannabis as you can experience in one session, and if you have any left, you can gift it to other patrons or the people running the club. This will keep you clear of legal trouble once you leave, and you can leave the club on a happy generous note. 

Club Social Malaga

Address: Avenida de Velázquez 8 Málaga, Andalucia Spain 29003
Phone: N/A

Notes: Contact via email for registration information. All new members must be endorsed by an existing member of the club. 

Pitbull Verde

Address: Calle Rio Salazar, 6 Local 112, 113, 29620 Torremolinos, Málaga, Spain
Phone: +34 604118840 (contact via WhatsApp or email)
Hours: 12PM – 1AM Monday through Saturday; closed Sundays

Notes: Ages 21 and up. To set up an appointment, send your personal information through WhatsApp. From the owner: “This is not Amsterdam, this is Malaga Spain. This is a private club. Do not show up unexpected and expect to get in.” Does not take phone calls. Club has the right to refuse service to anyone. New members can obtain a membership discount by showing their membership cards from other cannabis clubs in Spain. Friendly staff and high-quality weed in a safe environment.  

Kushing Coffee Shop Malaga

Address: Calle Cordoba 8, Malaga
Phone: +34 604131263
Email: N/A
Notes: Call ahead before showing up. Friendly and accessible staff, one of the largest cannabis coffee shops in Spain. 

Mood Club 420

Address: Calle Maestro Albeniz 10RBenalmadena, Malaga ES 29631
Phone: +34 683569850
Hours: 12PM – 12AM, 7 days a week

Notes: Contact via email or phone. Do not show up without prior contact. Ages 21 and up. High quality cannabis at good prices with a relaxed atmosphere. Features both a swimming pool and billiards, with BBQ served on Sundays. Has incredible views of the ocean. 

Habana Club

Address: Calle los Almendros, 1Benalmadena, Andalucia ES 29630
Phone: +34 640666614
Hours: 11AM – 2AM, 7 days a week

Notes: New members must be endorsed by a current member of the club. For more information or to request registration, contact via phone or email. Good selection of clean bud strains with the atmosphere of a nightclub. Also offers many varieties of hash. Has three television screens and serves juice as refreshment.