How to Grow Weed Indoors in Spiain

How to Grow Weed Indoors

Spain’s laws allow you to grow cannabis for personal use on private property. Again, you cannot sell it or consume it outside of your home, but in the comfort of your crib you’re free to get hazy.

Growing is a better option for long-term stays as it takes about three to five months for a plant to mature. Before you get started keep in mind it is an energy-consuming process, so if you’re a guest make sure to get approval before running up the electric bill. The steps to growing your own weed include:

  1. Select a grow space
  2. Select a grow light
  3. Control the climate
  4. Select a growing medium
  5. Make a nutrient schedule
  6. Select seeds
  7. Germinate seeds
  8. Vegetate
  9. Flower
  10. Trim, dry, and cure

1.Select a Grow Space

As a beginner it’s best to start small (think one or two plants) to allow room for mistakes without colossally messing up. Plus, Spain’s legal maximum limit of five plants per household is another good reason to keep your batch light. Great examples of adequate grow spaces are:

  • Closets
  • Cabinets
  • Tents
  • Garages
  • Spare rooms
  • Spare bathrooms

When choosing a space there are a number of variables to keep in consideration: 

  • The amount of room your plant needs to grow. Plants can triple in size, so make sure it has the capacity it needs to thrive.
  • The amount of room for your materials to fit. I’ll cover everything you’ll need in the next steps.
  • If you’re able to maintain a cool, dry temperature and if you can supply your plant with fresh air. Avoid humidity at all costs.
  • If you’re able to seal the space from natural light. Sunlight can confuse your plant into producing male flowers, which means unsmokable bud.
  • How easy it will be to clean the area. Cleanliness is crucial to your plant’s vitality.

If you’ve reached this point and are wondering, “what about the outdoors”? Yes, it’s possible to grow weed both indoors and outdoors. However, I suggest that you grow indoors because:

  • It’s illegal to grow in Spain in public view
  • It takes a shorter amount of time
  • It’s more discrete
  • You have more control

 If you still want to go the outdoor route check out this tutorial for all you need to know. Otherwise, let’s carry on.

2.Select a Grow Light

Indoor growing requires specific types of artificial light. You have a handful of options:

  • Fluorescent Lights
  • HID (High Intensity Discharge) Lights
  • HPS (High Pressure Sodium)
  • MH (Metal Halide)
  • LEC (Light Emitting Ceramic)
  • LED Lights
  • Induction Lights

Along with purchasing the lights you’re going to need reflectors and cooling fans. Lights should remain on for 24 hours a day during the budding stage, 16-20 hours a day during the vegetative stage, and 12 hours a day during the flowering stage. Remember, if you’re bringing any equipment from outside Europe, you’re going to need converters.

3.Control the Climate

Hemp plants, like all others, need carbon dioxide to survive. Since your plant will most likely be stuffed up in a small space it’s essential to air it out with a fan. Keep a thermometer on hand and make sure temperatures stay between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit with the lights on and 58-70 degrees with the lights off.

A few tips to remember:

  • Turn your lights on at night when the general temperature of the house is lower.
  • Don’t point the fan directly at the plants.
  • Set your lights on a timer to ensure accuracy.
  • Keep your lights two to six inches away.

4.Select a Growing Medium

Planting your seeds is a more complex process than just burying them in dirt. You have two options:

Soil – Any standard potting soils will do as long as they don’t contain Miracle-Gro, which ironically stunts growth in hemp plants.

Hydroponics (soilless) – Chances are you’ve heard the buzzword. Hydroponics has been quickly gaining popularity and replaces soil with mineral nutrients. It’s a crowd favorite because of the lush plants it produces.

5.Make a Nutrient Schedule

Unless your soil is already mixed with vitamins and minerals, you’re going to have to do the job yourself. You’ll need a certain combination of nutrients depending on if you have a soil or hydroponics-based medium. Mix them with water and feed to the plant at least once a week. Go slowly and use your best judgement to tell how much is needed- overfeeding can hurt your plant, and you can always just add more.

Tip: Check your water’s pH with a test kit to verify that your plant can absorb all the bountifulness you’re providing it.

6. Select Seeds

The fun part! You get to select your strain. There are endless varieties of Indica, sativa, and hybrid strains. If you need help choosing just ask the seller or check out Leafly, which is basically the encyclopedia of weed.

Grow shops are usually a go-to source for all your growing needs, including:

  • Seeds
  • Lighting
  • Climate control equipment
  • Mediums
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Paraphernalia

7. Germinate Seeds

Germination is the process by which a seed begins to bud. Unlike other plants, you’re going to want to do this before you plant it into the soil or hydroponics.

The technique is fairly simple:

  1. Wrap the seeds in a damp paper towel.
  2. Place them on a plate and cover them with another plate.
  3. Check periodically to see if they’re budding. It should take anywhere between 1-4 days.
  4. Dig a one inch hole in your medium.
  5. Toss the paper towels and place the budding seed inside with the seed end at the top.
  6. Cover it completely, without packing the medium in too tightly.
  7. Turn your lights on when the leaves begin sprouting.

8. Vegetate

When the first two adult leaves sprout, your plant has reached the vegetative state. At this point you’ll want to stay on top of your watering and lighting schedule. This phase can take anywhere from three weeks to two months. Certain strains grow faster than others so do your homework pre-purchase if you don’t want to wait weeks for your flower.

9. Flower

There’s a real feeling of accomplishment when the flower starts popping out of the leaves. But don’t be so excited that you rip it off upon sight. Wait two to three weeks for the flower to get ample and ripe before harvesting.

10. Trim, Dry, & Cure

Drying takes anywhere from four to ten days. There’s no process to this, just let the air do its thing.

Cure your bud by sealing it in a mason jar for at least two weeks. Open the jars for a few seconds once a day to control the moisture, and while you’re at it check to see how it’s doing. You’ll want it to be just moist and sticky enough but not overly soft or damp.

What Happens if You Break the Law?

The penalty depends on the crime. Crossing the boundaries in Spain is no joke, regardless of the relaxed laws. Getting caught consuming or possessing THC in public will cost you 601 to 30,000 euros. Selling is considered drug trafficking and can get you locked in Spanish jail for one to three years.

The best way to avoid penalties is to just stick by the rules. It may be tempting to sneak out some bud from the club but getting caught can get you and everybody else in trouble. Don’t ruin the fun by pushing the limits. If you’re a heavy smoker, stop by the club a couple of times a day to maintain your high. There’s no limitation on visits.


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