How to Join a Cannabis Club in Spain: Complete Guide

Spain is home to some of the most beautiful cities in the world. Gone are the days of heading to Amsterdam to experience cannabis culture. The new craze is all about cannabis clubs in Spain.

How do You Join a Cannabis Club in Spain? For most cannabis clubs, there is typically a membership that you need to apply for. These clubs are private in Spain, and many clubs only allow new members to join off the referral of current members of the clubs. To join these clubs, you will need some form of identification and a regular residential address in Spain, but you do not have to be a resident. 

If you are interested in joining a cannabis club, it is important to know what they are, and what exactly it means for you. Let’s talk more about how you can join a cannabis club while you are in Spain.

How Can You Join a Cannabis Club?

Unlike a coffee shop in Amsterdam, cannabis clubs in Spain are private. These clubs have a more intimate setting, which makes them less crowded. People compare the feeling to being at home instead of out in one of the biggest cities in the world.

There are two main ways that you can join a cannabis club. One of the ways is by submitting an application to a club of your choice. You are not always guaranteed to get into a club, even with the application filled out. Another way is by being referred by a current member of a club. You are more likely to become accepted this way. You can also apply for a cannabis club membership online as well.

Although cannabis clubs are private, they do need some information from you so you can become a member. Many clubs in cities such as Barcelona need some form of personal identification and a Spanish residential address. With that being said, you do not necessarily have to be a resident of Spain. Hotels typically won’t work, so you may want to use an Airbnb or a local residence of a friend. They do not send anything to the address or check it, so you will be fine. 

There are roughly 500 different cannabis clubs throughout the country, and 200 of them are located in Barcelona. Clubs will not send out an invitation since it is illegal to do so, but they will endorse you. It is important to note that not all clubs are accepting new members, so do a little research about different clubs before you go. You will also want to ask the age restrictions. Some are eighteen and over, while others are twenty-one and over.

Why Was Your Application Rejected?

One of the most basic ways to get rejected is by not following the guidelines of the club. Showing up without an ID, no address, or underage are quick ways to get sent packing. Clubs can change their policies whenever they choose to, so make sure you are up to date on what you need to do to join.

Since there is still a grey area in terms of legality, clubs are often under the watchful eye of the local law enforcement. If a club is being watched or inspected, then you are most likely going to get denied. Additionally, clubs just may be full and unwilling to accept new members.

The good news is that there are hundreds of clubs located in Spain, and all you have to do is find another club. You can take some time to look into other clubs, or you can just head some direction and eventually run into another one. They are very popular in cities such as Barcelona.

What is a Cannabis Club?

Cannabis clubs started during the 1990s in Spain. They were a radical political movement to protect the rights of marijuana users. They were initially started to provide people a safe place to use cannabis, and also to ensure the quality and safety of what users were consuming. 

These clubs were made more for residents of Spain, but tourists are not immediately turned away from the door. While walking down the Las Ramblas, it is not difficult to find someone asking if you are interested in visiting one. Just know there are differences in the clubs that are strictly for tourist use, and clubs that are more for residents. 

At these clubs, you are not actually buying weed. As a rule of thumb, you want to avoid the topic of buying product while inside. You will either be corrected or in some extreme circumstances, asked to leave. 

You essential “own” a part of the club, and you will have to pay a membership fee which gives you access to the club anytime you want. This fee can range anywhere between twenty and fifty euros which is $22 – $55 USD, this fee is good for an entire year. 

Cannabis Clubs Are Becoming More and More Popular

Since clubs began to hit the scene around 2009, cannabis clubs have significantly grown in popularity. These clubs have not always been approved by the majority, but there are still new clubs popping up all over Spain. It gives people a place where they can do what they want, and they are protected by the law. 

With popularity comes imitation, and these clubs have also been victims of that. Fake clubs who are focused on earning a profit with low-quality marijuana and no regard for regulations are almost just as common as official cannabis clubs. 

Why A Cannabis Club Is a Great Option

If you are a regular cannabis user, then you are probably excited about visiting a cannabis club on your next trip to Spain. Even if you are not a regular user, it is still a safe way to experience cannabis on your trip. Cannabis clubs have a lot of benefits to both regular users and those who may not use it all of the time.

Cannabis clubs are a safe way to consume cannabis. Not only is it a legal environment to consume it, but it also is a place to learn. Once you are a member of the club, you can ask the staff about different strands, products, and even tools around the club. Clubs are also a comfortable and a positive environment.

Are Cannabis Clubs Legal?

The actual sale or importation of any amount of cannabis in Spain is technically illegal. Not only will you be charged with a criminal offense, but you will also have some time in jail. The purchase, possession, and consumption of cannabis in Spain is equivalent to a misdemeanor in which you will likely be hit with a fine, and lose whatever cannabis you have on you.

Cannabis clubs get around this because in a private space with adults, is legal. As long as the plants or product is being used in that space, there are not an issue. If there are plants located outside, however, that can lead to an incredibly high fine. You also are unable to use the product outside in public, either. You may hear that cannabis clubs are a type of “loophole” to the law, but they are actually fully legal private organizations that fall within all aspects of Spanish law.

Barcelona, specifically, is not lenient about the law. If you are planning on visiting a cannabis club in the city, then you want to make sure you are aware of the laws as well as the risks you are choosing to take. Anytime that you take marijuana from a club, you are not only putting yourself at risk, but you can also get the club in trouble as well.

There are a lot of gray areas when it comes to cannabis clubs. They are not allowed to promote themselves in any way, and there are even words you should avoid to minimize the risk of being asked to leave. These all protect the club from any legal complications they might run into.

What Are Your Legal Rights as A Club Member?

For most of us, we are wondering if we are legally allowed to join a cannabis club. While consuming the product inside of a club is legal, the minute you step out of that location, you are risking your freedom and money 

As long as the club you are a member of is operating in a legal way, you are in the clear. A quick tip is to know the laws for cannabis clubs and see if the club you have chosen is operating under the laws. If not, then you can leave the club and go somewhere else if you feel concerned. There are no contracts, so do not worry. Some clubs also have their own rules for members that you will need to follow.

As we have mentioned, what you do in private is of no one else’s concern in Spain. Thanks to Spain’s very liberal privacy policies, you have no risks as long as you are in a club. To make you feel better, these laws have been tested in courts, and they always uphold. 

Using cannabis in a private space is legal. As long as you are consuming the marijuana in the club, there are no issues. Even if you are still feeling the effects of the product after leaving the club, you are still within your legal rights. If you take cannabis from the club, then you are under the laws of Spain, in which marijuana is illegal.

Cannabis Clubs Have Rules to Follow Too

Cannabis clubs have rules that they must follow as well. Clubs are required to be registered in the regional registry of associations. Founding members of clubs have to go through background checks and pass them. The ultimate goal of the club has to reduce the risks of using cannabis.

Clubs are required to be private. Some clubs will only allow you to join if you are referred by an existing member; others offer interviews for endorsement. One way around this if you have a medical issue that is proven to be improved by the consumption of cannabis. The cannabis that is distributed is also meant for immediate consumption since it is illegal to be in the possession of cannabis outside of clubs in Spain.

In order to be accepted to most cannabis clubs, you will need the following items:

  • Valid ID
  • Spain Address
  • Membership Fee
  • invitation to Join

You will typically undergo a sort of “interview” upon arrival to the club in which you will either be accepted or denied. They will then “endorse” you, which means you are able to pay your membership fees and join the club. If you are staying at a hotel, that may not work at some clubs. Since they do not send mail or check the address, you can use a local friend’s address if you need to. 

The amount consumed by members is limited by regulation of the government, not by the clubs themselves. Some can choose to have lower limits if they want. Cannabis clubs have to be non-profit establishments, which is why they tend to take donations and membership fees.

Are Tourists Allowed to Join?

There are no restrictions on who can join cannabis clubs. Since it is not regulated, you cannot get a tourist exclusive invitation, but the Spanish government does not like tourists in cannabis clubs throughout the country. Cannabis clubs in Spain are really for residents of the country.

If you are travelling to Spain and want to visit a cannabis club, you should contact the club you are interested in beforehand. Not only will they tell you if they are even taking new member, but they will also let you know what you need to do in order to join.

A few tips are to not look like an actual tourist. You are not permitted to take photos inside of clubs without permission, and there is no discount for short term memberships, it is considered rude to ask. Many cannabis clubs are located in more eccentric neighborhoods to not draw attention to the club or have any complaints. 

You should also resist the urge to ask about cannabis clubs. Since promoting clubs is not legal, if you see people on the streets promoting a club, you should avoid following that individual or entering that club. It may be a scam, or the product they offer is not high quality, and it could also be unsafe. As a tourist, you should do some internet research to determine if you are interested in a specific club.

How to Know What Cannabis Club to Join

When deciding which club to join, the internet is going to be your best friend. Some clubs offer free product to those who give reviews, so see if the club you are considering has reviews available. There are fake cannabis clubs popping up, so you want to avoid anyone who is promoting their club.

Most of the cannabis clubs in Barcelona have a website and social media channels that you can find more information about the club. You can also see what the interior of the club looks like. Some are more refined, and there are some that are a lot more casual. 

All cannabis clubs tend to have their own schedule of operation. Although most have quite long hours, it is worth doing some research to figure out what time they open and close. You can call to ask, and you can see if they are accepting new members, but a quick Google search is suitable as well.

Barcelona is not the only place you can find cannabis clubs. They are also present around various areas of the country. Here are some of the most popular clubs in Spain that you can join. 

*you can find out more about each club with the link provided!

MBC Marijuana Barcelona Club, Barcelona

This club has a modern look with a laid-back vibe. They have wide-screen televisions and a great sound system too. MBC has a knowledgeable staff, and offer premium cannabis to the members of their club. They also offer other cannabis-related items in the club. The minimum age to enter is eighteen. It is located in the La Mina area.

G13 Cannabis Club, Barcelona

Located near the Sagrada Familia in the Catalunya area, this is located in the heart of Barcelona. There are a lot of entertainment options, including pool tables, light sets, and televisions. It has more of a “foggy basement” feeling filled with tons of seating. They rotate their selection, so there is always something new and exciting to try. The minimum age for G13 is 18, and you can apply for membership online.

Klinic Cannabis Club, Playa Honda

Since 2017, this has been one of the most popular cannabis clubs in Playa Honda. It has a lot of lounging areas to enjoy your time spent with fellow club members, and have televisions and a pool table to act as entertainment. They prefer users who have consumed cannabis before and are over the age of eighteen. You can apply for membership on their website before you go!

Sweet Leaf Family Club, Puerto del Carmen

Even if you are headed out to the Canary Islands, you can still find cannabis clubs. Sweet Leaf is known for having a friendly and knowledgeable staff, as well as amazing quality. They also have a ton of seating and snacks available. If you are looking to venture out, they have some unique cannabis treats that you can try. This will cost you around twenty euro for your membership fee.

 Greenardo, Barcelona

This club actually has a medical marijuana program for all its members. You can get “certified” by their in house doctors, and that lets you get a discount on their products. It is located in the Horta neighborhood and is a little more private than others. Greenardo has a great variety of cannabis products. They are focused more on the health benefits of marijuana as opposed to the recreational use. They also feature musicians and DJs.

There are a ton of great clubs around Spain that you can visit. These are not the only clubs you should visit. Do your own research for the location you are visiting, and make sure you read reviews from people who have been there. That will tell you much more about the club than their website will.

How to Get Cannabis at A Club

Now that you have joined a cannabis club, you are probably wondering how you actually get marijuana since you are unable to purchase it. When you get cannabis at a club, you are exchanging money in order to help maintain the facilities and production of the club. This can also sometimes be called a “donation.”

Some clubs will place a limit on the amount of cannabis you can consume while at the club. This limit will be different for each club, so make sure you ask before you assume you can take a lot. If you are a resident of the area, there are further restrictions on the amount you can consume during a month.

Cannabis from clubs is meant for personal use and is not intended to leave the club. Remember, marijuana is not actually legal in Spain, and the possession of the substance can result in hefty fines or even jail time. If you do take marijuana from a club, police are not able to search bras or underwear, so you should keep it there to be safe.

There Are A Few Things to Avoid in Cannabis Clubs 

You should never ask to purchase marijuana while visiting a cannabis club. Since they are not shop, you cannot buy product, and they legally cannot sell it to you either. Clubs have a fee that you pay to be a member. You should always use a non-financial word when at a cannabis club. 

Cannabis clubs are not allowed to promote themselves. Even on websites and social media channels, you will notice that there will always be a disclaimer somewhere saying the information is not to promote the club. If you enter a cannabis club, members will not persuade you to join. 

Clubs do not want attention drawn to them. Although they are legal private entities, they still do not want to deal with any complaints. Avoid hanging out in front of the club you are joining, and that includes bicycles or other forms of transportation. When trying to find the club, avoid pointing, yelling, or causing a disturbance outside of the club.

Once you are inside of the club, feel free to ask for more information about the different product they offer. Staff are always knowledgeable about their products, and they are there to help you. You can also ask if you are allowed to bring in food and non-alcoholic beverages into the club. 

How Are Cannabis Clubs Different from Coffee Shops in Amsterdam?

For years Amsterdam has been the place to travel if you are wanting to consume cannabis. There are a few distinct ways that the two are very different, and if you are just travelling to experience a cannabis shop/club, then they may sway your decision.

Overall, it is a lot easier to find cannabis in Amsterdam. You are not required to join a club, and you can literally treat it like a coffee shop. When you are in Spain, it may be harder to find quality cannabis. It is also more difficult to get into the club itself with the membership and restrictions. The laws surrounding marijuana are a lot more relaxed in Amsterdam.

The benefit of Spain is that it is a cheaper place to visit. The amount of money that you spend on the product itself reflects the location you are at, as well as the quality of what you are consuming. Staying, eating, and marijuana are more affordable than Amsterdam. If you want to spend the majority of your time-consuming cannabis, Spain is your best bet.

Amsterdam is typically known to have better strains of cannabis available simply because of their supply. They tend to be more mature, and often have a greater variety of items on their menus. Although Spain has some inconsistencies, you can still find good quality cannabis in the country.

Are Cannabis Clubs Right for You?

If you are travelling to Spain any time soon, then you may be wondering if visiting a cannabis club is right for you. Based on what we have talked about, it is a great place for those who regularly consume it, as well as people who are just curious. If you choose a club with helpful staff, then not only can you have a positive experience, but you may also come out of the club with the knowledge you did not already have.

Remember to do your own research before you head into a cannabis club during your stay in Spain. Not only is it going to make sure that the club is right for you, but it also is the best way to learn their guidelines. Since all clubs have their own different rules, checking online or calling ahead to make sure they are accepting new members.