Kritical Cannabis Club

Address: (Xiribella) Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana Spain 46950
Age: 21+
Opening Hours: 1 pm – 9 pm
Nearest Metro:
Nearest POI’s: Teatre Olympia, Bullring of Valencia, Cines Lys

About the club

Want to feel some awesome local vibes in Valencia and enjoy some high-quality weed in a comfy, relaxing, and safe atmosphere? Kritical Cannabis Club Valencia has you covered. The establishment has modern and very beautiful hip and chic décor, excellent customer service, and menus with a variety of weed products.

Where is it Located

About the area

Xiribella is one of the most frequently visited places in Valencia. Tourists from across the globe find the natural attractions in this area irresistible. Among the natural attractions here include Tithe House, La Cosa, Casa del Dau, Valencia Bioparc, among others. These attractions, among others, are perhaps what has made Kritical Cannabis Club one of the most popular clubs in Valencia.

Some places of interest near the club include Cines Lys, Bullring of Valencia, and the Theatre of Olympia. There also several nightclubs such as Repvblicca, Oasis, and Discoteca Latina Salome Valencia, sure to give you the perfect night after you have left Kritical Cannabis Club. Looking for a place to stay and eat? You’ll find such top-class restaurants as Meson El Aleman, Bon Profit, and Restaurante La Fonda.

What is a Cannabis Club

A Cannabis Club is a private, members-only organization where a limited amount of cannabis can be provided to members on the premises. It is, essentially, a Social Club, where people can enjoy using marijuana together in the safety of a legal location. You can consider it a lot like the coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Sometimes food is served there, too, so members can satisfy the munchies.

Cannabis Clubs are only open to members, and this guide is all about informing you on how to become a member. Without a membership, you can’t enter the club and you definitely can’t purchase cannabis in there.

How Do You Become A Member Of A Cannabis Social Club?

In order to become a member of a cannabis social club, you first need to meet the entry requirements. They are very basic requirements that ensure the club is operating legally. You need:

  • To be over 18 or over 21 depending on the club’s rules about age
  • Be able to show a government-issued photo identification, whether it is a driver’s license, passport etc.
  • A Spanish address
  • Have a referral from a sponsor or another member of the same club

As you can see, there is nothing complicated about what is required to become a member. Most social clubs will accept a driver’s license, a visa, a passport, a valid ID card or any other kind of photo identification. The Spanish address doesn’t need to be a permanent home address. For the most part, a hotel or temporary accommodation will do the trick. The most difficult thing to obtain is the referral from a sponsor or member of the club you wish to join. The easiest way to get the referral is to request an invitation to a cannabis club. We can assist you and get you sorted in no time.

Once you have these four things, you must make an appointment to enter the social club. This is usually organized by the person who gave you the referral. You bring your photo ID with you along with some money to pay for your membership fee (this will vary from club to club). Once you’ve “passed the interview” you’ll be given a membership card which you will bring with you every time you want to enter the club!