The 4 Ways of Consuming Cannabis Explained 

Cannabis, commonly known as marijuana, has become a very interesting topic lately due to the drug being legalized in regions around the world. At first, it was legalized mainly for medicinal purposes. However, it’s because of its newly allowed recreational use, that consuming cannabis is a hot topic.   

So, what are the best ways to consume cannabis? Depending on what you are comfortable with doing and want out of the experience, there are 4 popular ways to consume cannabis:

  • Smoking
  • Topicals: oils, lotions, and patches
  • Edibles
  • Pills, Tinctures, and crystals

We’ll dive deeper into the different ways you can consume cannabis. Given the new liberties that we have with marijuana, many are curious to learn how to enjoy its benefits and experiment with alternative ways to consume it. If you are interested in cannabis, you may find that you enjoy one method more than another. 

1. Smoke It

Smoking marijuana is a staple when you think of cannabis. However, there are multiple ways that you can smoke it for different effects depending on what kind of experience you are looking for. 

You may find new ways to smoke it that you weren’t aware of before. It can also be a new experience if you want to try cannabis for the first time. 

This option may not work well for those with respiratory issues or those who do not want to experience the “high” that comes with it. 

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Enhanced experience. Blunts are essentially cigars with the tobacco taken out and cannabis inserted instead. Users can also add flavoured cigarillos (small cigars) for the additional taste that resembles more of a vape experience. Similar to cigars, blunts can make the experience more intense and the smoke stronger when inhaling in your lungs. 

Rolled with tobacco paper. Blunts are typically rolled with brown tobacco paper, which makes them thicker and more cigar-like. The blunt will burn slower and have a sweeter taste, thanks to the tobacco paper it’s rolled in. These are less popular than joints or spliffs, possibly due to the tobacco inside the paper, which has shown to be bad for your health. 


Convenience and reduced smell. Vape essentially turns cannabis into vapors that can be inhaled. This has become a more popular alternative for those who like to smoke marijuana, but don’t want the stigma or smell. It’s also convenient for those who want a more reusable option that doesn’t need to be rolled up or made multiple times to smoke. 

Heated cannabis that turns cannabis into vapor. This process helps boost the health benefits of cannabis. This can be a viable option for those using cannabis as a medical treatment.

Vapers beware:  While it was originally believed that there would be fewer respiratory issues experienced by smokers compared to those who used blunts or joints, recent studies report unexpected serious health risks associated with some vaping products. 


One of the easiest options on the market today. You only need two things to smoke a joint: bud and rolling paper. This makes the joint one of the most widely used on the market today. Then you simply light it up and enjoy the experience. You can get a variety of rolling papers to try to find the perfect match that works for you. 

Pre-rolled joints are another great option. You can also get pre-rolled joints that save you the time and effort of rolling the joints yourself. While they do save time, there are some complaints that lesser cannabis is used in them, so they aren’t as enjoyable as those you roll yourself. This isn’t always the case since some can be stuffed with good cannabis. 

You can always cut the pre-rolled joint open and fill it with your own. 

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The most popular option in Europe. These are the most popular smoking options for cannabis in Europe. This is pure cannabis that is rolled up in translucent paper rather than tobacco paper. They are also more compact and burner quicker. This is more popular due to needing less cannabis to make, so it isn’t as “wasteful” compared to larger rolls. 

A hybrid of a joint and blunt. Spliffs are rolled up like joints; however, they are filled with part tobacco and cannabis. They also include a crutch. This mixture allows you to experience the head rush from the tobacco before cannabis presence kicks in. This allows for the whole experience without the health risks that can come from smoking a blunt. 


A cross between a wide pipe and a glass pipe. These use water in the same way as a bong or bowl; however, they are more compact and easily transportable. They also provide smaller doses for those not wanting the larger doses from a bong. This is also great for those who want to experiment with smoking or don’t want more than a medium dose at a time. 

Bubblers can serve multiple purposes. They can be both discreet for those avid smokers who don’t want to lug their bongs around, and aesthetic for those who like to smoke with a bit of flare. Bubblers can be bought pre-made or can be made in a glass shop for those creative minds who want to make their own, unique bubbler. 


Another convenient way to smoke is with a bowl. Similar to a tobacco pipe, smoking with a bowl can be a great way to smoke marijuana. You just need the bowl and cannabis, which is great since it can be smoked quickly, and you don’t need as many supplies. There are multiple DIY methods for making your own bowl as well. 

Your bowl can be any size. Depending on what kind of gathering or experience you want to have with a bowl, you can make it as big or small as you want. You could make a bowl to smoke a whole 8oz of cannabis, or a bowl for only 1oz. It’s up to what you want to do. Feel free to look at the DIY methods above to see how you can make bowls out of fruit. 


Bongs are for more experienced smokers. Bongs are the ones you may usually see smokers use when wanting to smoke marijuana. These provide a higher dose for more of a “high” sensation while smoking. You also use more product, so this isn’t for the more conservative smoker. You can also inhale a lot more of the smoke quickly via a bong. 

You can decarb for a more sedated high. If you decarb the marijuana flower before smoking it through the bong, you can experience more of the benefits of it. You will sleep better and improve your stress. The water in the bong removes some of the carcinogens that you will smoke, which further promotes the health benefits of the drug. 


A natural way to take in the medicinal plant. This method can be a bit complicated if you don’t have the right equipment. It can be inhaled, like the previous options, but you need to extract the oil from the plant. You’ll need a torch, dab-ring, or e-nail. That will make the oil into a wax that you can then heat up and inhale the smoke. 

Dabbing can deliver a clean, high dose of cannabis. Since you are taking oil straight from the plant, you don’t have to worry about other products mixing in that can be harmful to you. It is also the easiest on your lungs when inhaled, so those with respiratory sensitivity can rest easy when they use this method to smoke. 

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2. Cannabis Topicals: Oils and Creams and Patches

Another way you can enjoy cannabis is through oils and creams. This is a great alternative for those who have respiratory issues with using the first method. Oils and creams are also concentrated for more medicinal purposes over the “high” that you get it. These can be great for stress relief, anxiety, and reducing pain. 


CBD oils provide multiple benefits. You can use the oil in a multitude of ways. You can apply it directly to the skin and inhale it if heated. If applied to the skin, it can help reduce acne. It also reduces stress levels, which in turn can help your heart. The compound in the oil can also reduce psychotic symptoms in disorders like schizophrenia. 


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CBD oils can also have side effects and impact other medications. CBD oil can have side effects like diarrhea, fatigue, and change in appetite or weight. It can also have aversive effects when combined with other medications. Consult your doctor before starting CBD oil to make sure it won’t impact your other medications. 


Cannabis creams can help reduce pain. The compounds in the cream can help reduce muscle or joint pain. It can also help with skin issues like acne or rashes. It is also a more natural solution compared to taking pain medications, which can become addictive. It can also help with arthritis pain or cartilage regeneration. 

You can order the creams online on websites like Amazon. Unlike the marijuana plant, creams are a concentrated form of the plant. It has hemp as the main ingredient, which isn’t outlawed across various countries like THC. So, it provides the medicinal benefits without the “high” that THC provides when applied. 


Cannabis patches are a quick way to receive the benefits via the bloodstream. Patches can send THC, CBD, or both into your bloodstream quickly and efficiently. This is great for those who want a more discreet way to experience cannabis for either its medicinal purposes or for the simple high it can provide. 

The patches provide a long-term relief that doesn’t need extras. You only need to bring the patch with you and even have it under your clothes. You don’t need to pack anything to use it, which is a plus for those who travel or need the benefits while working on the job. You can also order it online without needing a prescription. 

THC Bath Soaks

A great product to help with stress or anxiety. If you are a fan of baths and reducing your stress, then bath soaks are the way to go. You get the usual benefits of the other ingredients like Epsom salt with the addition of THC. You get the sedated relaxation from THC, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. 

Reviewers love the extra relaxation they get from the THC bath soaks. Given that these bath soaks have THC in them, you will need to order or buy it from an area that has legalized marijuana. There are limited studies that show there actually are extra relaxation benefits of the soaks. However, reviewers are singing the praises for it. 

3. Edibles

Another way you can enjoy cannabis is literally consuming it by incorporating it into edibles. You can find many ways to include cannabis in multiple recipes and ingredients to experiment with it yourself. You can also buy these items already made if you aren’t a fan of trying to coordinate measurements or are worried about doing it incorrectly.

Pot brownies

Pot brownies are typically the first experience most people have with edible cannabis. Pot brownies can mask the flavor of marijuana while also being sweet, so it is easy to eat. The downside is that you can consume a lot of it since it may take some time for your system to start reacting to the THC. So be wary when consuming it! 

Pot brownies can be homemade or store-bought. There are recipes online that can help you make your own batch of pot brownies. This can be a fun way to consume cannabis alone or with a group of friends. There are also stores that sell marijuana that can sell you pre-made pot brownies if you simply want to give it a go and see if you’d like it. 

Canna Cooking Oil

Canna cooking oil is one of the most versatile ways to enjoy cannabis-infused edibles. You use cooking oil to sauté vegetables, bake desserts and searing meats. This allows for cannabis to cook within what you are making, and you can get the benefits of the drug. If you make it yourself, you can also control what is put in it. 

The canna oil will slow down the effect of the drug, so be careful of the dosage when creating it yourself. Since the effects can take some time to manifest in your system, you may end up eating more simply because you don’t “feel” anything. However, you should give your body some time to digest the TCH before ingesting more. 


Making cannabutter can be a tricky process if you haven’t done it before. You have to heat the cannabis flower for a designated amount of time to get the most out of the plant before making it into the butter. This helps the decarboxylated process, which is what you have to do before combining with butter. You won’t get the benefits from THC if you don’t do this process.  

Do some experimenting with dosage before making cannabutter in bulk. You can test out the dosage by taking ¼ or ½ tsp and spreading it on some bread. Eat it and see how you feel after an hour. If it’s too much, you’ll know to use less cannabis the next time and vice versa for the times when you don’t get much of a reaction at all. 

Chewing Gum

Cannabis chewing gum could help with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms. The CBD within the hemp ingredient has positive effects on IBS symptoms. It can control bloating, regulate your bowels, and reduce stomach cramps. These can be life-altering for those suffering from IBS. A study will be done soon to have scientific evidence to back up these claims. 

Cannabis gum can give you your CBD fix. This idea was created after the success of nicotine-replacement gum. It can provide you with the CBD from the hemp flower from cannabis. This won’t get you high but can still provide stress relief and PTSD symptoms. Can-Chew gum is being used with veterans to help with PTSD symptoms. 

Cannabis Sprays

Cannabis sprays offer a variety of THC and CBD doses. Whether you want to use the spray to get high or reduce anxiety or stress, there is a spray for that. You can order whichever spray that you want to use to get the response that works for you. You simply spray it under your tongue to get the fastest reaction from the spray. 

If you’re new to cannabis, be sure to start with a low dose spray. Since the sprays can have strong doses that react with your body quickly, you should take it slow when testing with these products. If you are more of a veteran cannabis user, you can take a higher dose of THC or CBD. You can always order multiple and increase your dosage as you get used to it. 

Cannabis Simple Syrup

Cannabis simple syrup can be a great way to spike your drink with some THC. You can make your own simple syrup to add to any drink to get the high you might receive as you would from smoking it. This can be a fun way to include it in a more discreet manner, or if you want a simple way to consume it without extra equipment. 

You can make your own cannabis simple syrup in a few quick steps. You can make your own simple syrup in an easy way by following this recipe. It may take some time initially, but once you have, it made and stored it can last a good while. Similar to the other edibles on this list, be sure to watch the dosage and wait an hour before consuming more. 

THC Soda

10% of edible sales were THC sodas. THC sodas are becoming more popular due to the legalization of marijuana across the world. It is a great option for those who don’t like to smoke it but would still like the benefits. These sodas cover the taste and smell of marijuana with the flavors of regular sodas. Be mindful of dosage while drinking it! 

Those who like to smoke weed may not like drinking the soda. This reviewer stated that they enjoyed smoking weed over the soda since there was a bitter after taste with the soda that didn’t sit well with them. Take this with a grain of salt when trying the soda, yourself. You may love it, or you may hate it. You won’t know until you try it! 


Cannabis can be consumed via drinks like alcohol or sparkling water. These options can be a great way for those who want the high from THC without the smell of smoke in their lungs. There are more variety of flavors and mixes that are being made due to the popularity of marijuana and its legalization. Take advantage and try it out for yourself! 

You can also get CMD through drinks like coffee grounds or tea. To get more relaxation and stress relief from your drinks like tea or coffee could be great when paired with CBD. These options are for those who don’t want the high but want the medical benefits. As well as for those who have respiratory issues and can’t smoke the drug. 

4. Pills, Tinctures, and Crystals

The last way of consuming cannabis is through consumables like pills or crystals. These are items that can either affect you quickly or over time, depending on the option you choose. These are also ways for those uncomfortable with edibles or those who dislike the taste or method needed to make them. 


Dronabinol beats the system since it doesn’t actually use cannabis to give you the THC high. These pills are made in a lab by mixing a variety of chemicals to create the same response that cannabis oil would give you taken from the plant. Patients with pain or arthritis may use this drug to help with their symptoms. 

Doctors can prescribe these pills to patients that qualify for it. If you experience pain from illness, injury or aging, you can have a talk with your doctor about this drug to help. Insurance companies may cover most, if not all, the cost of these pills if the need is there. It is also FDA approved, so you don’t need to worry about legal issues with the pills. 


Cannabis tinctures are drops that you can put on your tongue to deal with a variety of issues. These drops can help with things such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, and decrease depressed thoughts. This reviewer stated her journey through various tincture products and how it helped her deal with these challenges throughout her day. 

There are a lot of products out there, and some may affect you more or less than others. These differences have to do with how the product is made and the dosage included within it. The lower doses help with stress and anxiety but may not help with insomnia. While higher doses may help with all three, if you haven’t tried it before, be mindful of the dosage. 


Cannabis crystals are one of the most potent versions of cannabis you can get your hands on. It is strong due to it being concentrated into a solid form that can be added to other items. It does not have the same taste that you might find in edibles, but also may not be as powerful when mixed in a low dose. 

You can ingest the crystals as is, mixed into edibles or heated to breathe in. This variety lets you use these crystals in multiple ways. Which can be beneficial for those who don’t want to be stuck with just one way to get their THC or CBD fix. The crystals are missing the terpenes found in the marijuana flower, so they may not have as strong of an effect. 

Where Can You Get Cannabis In Spain?

You can find some in private clubs that can give you cannabis for personal use. Since cannabis is technically illegal for commercial use, you won’t find them in public stores. However, there are private clubs that can sell you the drug for personal use. So long as you smoke on your own property and not in public, you can enjoy it at your leisure. 

Be sure to follow the laws when consuming cannabis in Spain. Be sure to adhere to Spain’s laws on cannabis when you search for cannabis products. It is both respectful to the laws put in place as well as keep you out of getting into any legal trouble. The best thing you can do is keep your use to your own home or private place and not to use it in public places. 

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Summing up the Ways to Consume Cannabis

We have discussed 4 main ways to consume cannabis. You can enjoy it by smoking it through a bong or bowl. Oils and creams can also be a great way to get positive benefits from cannabis. Or, you can consume it as an edible in recipes and drinks. 

Lastly, you can have it as consumables like pills, tinctures, or crystals. All in all, you can get many benefits from using cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes.  

Hopefully, this article was informative and helpful! 

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