The Canary Islands Cannabis Guide: 2022 Edition

The Canary Islands are a very trendy tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. They have a lot to offer, including stunning beaches, fabulous food, and exciting nightlife. And if you’re looking to score some killer weed, you can do that also—if you know where to look.

Where can you buy cannabis in the Canary Islands? The best places to find quality weed in the Canary Islands is in the cannabis social clubs. There are hundreds of clubs located all over the Canaries, including in the tourist hot spots of Tenerife, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura.

You can also find marijuana sold on the streets, especially near bars and nightclubs. But the laws are tricky in the Canary Islands, and you could end up in trouble if you use or buy weed on the street. Your best bet is to go to one of the clubs. The grass is much better quality there too. 

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are Spain’s very popular archipelago or chain of islands located in the Atlantic Ocean, north-west of Africa and south-west of Spain. The volcanos located on the islands have created many unique and stunning natural beaches that are made of fine black shingles from the volcanic mountains.

The world’s third-largest volcano, Mount Teide, is located on the island of Tenerife. Tenerife is Spain’s most populous island. It’s also a prime tourist destination. Each year Tenerife gets more than three million visitors from all over the world.

The Canary Islands are also the home of the world’s second most popular and spectacular Carnival. Every February, the capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife attracts more than a million people for the celebration.

Year-Round Warm Weather

One of the things that attract so many tourists to the Canary Islands is the year-round warm weather. The summers are quite hot, but the archipelago stays warm even in the winter months.

When you visit the Canary Islands, you could experience the diving trip of a lifetime. The sites in the water are gorgeous. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a glimpse of the endangered Loggerhead Turtle. These are some of the largest hard-shelled turtles in the world. They can grow to be around three feet long and have a lifespan of up to 67 years.

The Canary Islands are also the home to many beautiful natural swimming pools. The famous architect and landscaper Cesar Manrique designed some very impressive saltwater swimming pools in the town of Puerto de la Cruz.

Manrique’s breath-taking pool called the Lido Martianez includes seven different pools, a jacuzzi, a massive fountain, playgrounds, restaurants, a dance hall, tons of subtropical plants and trees, and even an underground casino.

And That’s Not All

The beautiful sites aren’t the only thing attracting so many tourists every year. People also visit the archipelago for the weed. Both residents and visitors enjoy the marijuana scene in the Canary Islands.

Is Marijuana Legal in the Canary Islands?

The laws of Spain govern the Canary Islands. So is marijuana legal in Spain? Well, that’s not an easy thing to answer. Officially the answer is no. But in the practical sense, the answer is yes.

Like the Netherlands, whether cannabis is legal depends on where you get the weed and where you consume it. Basically, Spain believes that there is a time and a place for marijuana. But using weed in public is not one of them.

Spain has what is called “Right to Privacy” laws. That means that growing, using, and possessing marijuana is permitted on private property. Citizens can use weed in the confines of their own homes legally. Residents and tourists are also able to get cannabis from establishments called “cannabis social clubs” or CSCs. We’ll discuss the clubs more in a minute.

Where It Gets Tricky

Where the Canary Island cannabis laws are tricky are when you leave your home or club. If you take your weed out in public, you are no longer covered by the right to privacy laws. So if you try to smoke a joint on the sidewalk, you are risking being arrested or having your pot confiscated.

The cannabis social clubs are covered under Spain’s “Right to Association” laws. This means that people have the right to group together with like-minded people for any specific reason or cause. Yes, even if that cause is catching a good buzz.

Spain’s laws allow residents to form members-only clubs where it is not only legal to use marijuana together in private, but it is also legal to grow it as a collective too. The whole idea is to eliminate the black market. The clubs also eliminate the need to cultivate it yourself.

A Further Complication

To further complicate Spain’s cannabis laws, it is not legal to sell or buy the drug. While money can be exchanged for weed, it is not seen as a sale. Instead, it’s viewed as a function of the club.

This is how it works.  The club grows the weed on behalf of the members. As a member, you can contribute money toward the costs of making your share of cannabis. Instead of thinking of it as buying marijuana, think of it as donating to the club.

The Canary Islands are like the United States in this sense. Even though cannabis is illegal at the national level, there are some local governments where it has been legalized. Catalonia is one area where the drug has been legalized. Spain has ongoing toleration for marijuana, but some places in the Canary Islands have opted to wait for changes in the laws nationally.

That means that policies will vary from town to town and club to club even though medicinal and recreational clubs are available in most areas.

As you can see, there is no one specific answer to the question of cannabis legality in Spain. In the Canary Islands, marijuana is widely available and accepted. But it is still possible to get into trouble if you take your weed outside.

Just like in the U.S., there is mounting pressure to legalize cannabis in Spain. And it looks like the laws are likely to change sooner rather than later. But until that happens, the Canary Islands will continue with a confusing yet practical approach to toleration.

Cannabis Social Clubs: The Rules

CSCs operate under specific rules:

  • All cannabis social clubs must register in their regional registry of associations. Founding members must go through background checks. Associations are where groups of people enter into an agreement to accomplish a common goal with a non-profit motive. They are formally independent of companies, public administration, and government.
  • CSCs must promote responsible consumption. All clubs must try to reduce any harm associated with the use and supply of marijuana.
  • CSCs are closed to the public. Membership is only granted when an existing member invites a new person. The current member must vouch that the new member is a pot user. New members can also join if they have a doctor’s note saying that they have an illness that could be treated with marijuana.
  • Clubs must enforce the limits on the quantity of weed consumed by members. There are daily limits for each person, usually around three grams. This is to reduce the likelihood of the grass from being sold on the black market. The amount of weed that is grown is also limited. This limit is calculated based on the number of members and predicted levels of consumption.
  • The marijuana distributed by the CSCs is for immediate consumption. Most clubs allow for small amounts of weed to be taken off-site. However, they prefer for the cannabis to be used at the facility. Again, this is to avoid the selling of the weed on the black market.
  • CSCs must be run as a non-profit. The club’s members pay fees that cover the management and production costs. But the fees are reinvested back into the club’s operations. Each club must pay tax, rent, social security fees for employees, corporate income tax, and sometimes a VAT tax at 21 percent.

If you’re visiting the Canary Islands and you’re looking for weed, you should check out Tenerife. There are around 50 Cannabis Clubs in Tenerife, and they are all similar to the clubs that you will find in mainland Spain.

If you are just visiting the island, then it can be a bit tricky to get access to the clubs in Tenerife. Most clubs are very cautious about allowing people in. Many of the clubs in Tenerife will only sell to residents. Non-residents are not typically allowed. But there are some things that you can do to get around this problem.

If you want to obtain access to a CSC in Tenerife, then you’ll need a recommendation from a resident who’s already a member. Another option you have is to contact the club ahead of time. You will need to provide your identification. The process will vary from social club to social club. But some of them let you apply for membership online.

The two best CSCs in Tenerife are the High Times Coffee Shop and the Flores de Canarias.

High Times Coffee Shop

The High Times Coffee Shop in Tenerife has been open since 2012. This club has around 200 members. They grow their weed both indoors and outdoors. This CSC is one of the top-rated clubs in the Canaries.

One of the best things about the High Times Coffee Shop is its stunning location. The shop is located on Playa de Troya beach so you can enjoy some gorgeous scenery while you smoke your joint. This area is also a very trendy tourist hot spot in Las Americas. So there’s always plenty of activity for you.

The High Times Coffee Shop is relatively inconspicuous. There is no advertising or signs on the door. It looks just like the rest of the beach clubs around it. Typically this club does not let random people or tourists inside. You will need to gain membership before you are allowed in.

If you know a resident, you can get a recommendation for membership. Once you’re accepted, you can take the guided tour, try out some of the strands you can buy, and sample their wax.

This club offers a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy your high in safety. The staff is very knowledgeable about the different strains that they sell. The club’s menu has a large variety of Sativa, Indica, and hybrids, and their prices are reasonable. You must be at least 18 to enter.

The address for the High Times Coffee Shop is Avenida Maritima, 17, 38650 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. And their operating hours are 11 am to 12 am.

Flores de Canarias

Another top-rated club in Tenerife is Flores de Canarias. This club is located near San Euginio. The physical location of this club makes it an excellent choice for visitors because there is a bus stop and several taxi stands nearby.

One thing that we like about this club is that you can contact them before you travel. You can use their website to reach out and get the process started for membership. After contacting them, you will pay a small joining fee. They also want to chat with you once you arrive.

The club is open from 12 pm to 9 pm every day. Once you get to the club, you’ll need to have your passport and be ready to go through the chatting process. At this CSC, tourists aren’t usually allowed to leave with their weed until the club closes.

That means that you can buy your pot at any time of the day, but you’ll have to return to the club about 10 minutes before it closes to collect what you purchased. This may be a little inconvenient, but they do allow tourists to join before you arrive so that you can buy weed on your trip.

Another thing that we really liked about this club is the friendly staff. They do their best to work with people. So if you have trouble making it back at closing time, staff members will try to work with you so you can pick your pot up to an hour earlier.

The address for this club is Calle Gran Bretana 2, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands 38660. And you must be at least 18 years old to enter. 

Lanzarote is another area in the Canary Islands that is loaded with cannabis social clubs. When you visit the cannabis clubs in Lanzarote, you must bring along a local address with you. If you live there, you will bring your home address. If you’re visiting, you can bring the address of your hotel. There’s no reason to stress over this. The club records your address only as a security measure.

You also need to bring your passport and money to pay for your membership. You’ll need money for the weed too because the cost of the cannabis is not included in the membership price. Typically you pay a one-time fee to get 12 months of access to the club. Some of the clubs don’t charge any fee at all.

In Lanzarote, you will need to keep in mind that once you’re in the club, you can’t take the marijuana out with you. Smoking weed on the streets is illegal, and smoking it at your hotel is frowned upon.

So plan on buying just enough weed to ingest in a single sitting. You can always come back to the club later if you want to get more.

Here are some etiquette rules that you should follow if you’re going to a CSC in Lanzarote:

  • Know some Spanish. Some clubs have staff members that speak multiple languages, but others only speak Spanish, so it’s best if you know at least a little.
  • Contact the club before you arrive. Most of them don’t accommodate walk-ins. If you just show up unannounced, you’re not likely to get in. Your best bet is to email or call the club ahead of time to ask for an appointment.
  • Be chill. The cannabis social clubs in Lanzarote have two types of vibes: very laid-back and mellow or a party-oriented social vibe. But either way, CSCs aren’t the same as bars. Obnoxious rowdy behavior is frowned upon at cannabis clubs.
  • Carry plenty of cash. The preferred method of payment is cash in many clubs. Some of them may accept credit cards too. Check ahead of time with the club to see if they accept credit or debit cards.

Now let’s get to the clubs! Two of our favorite CSCs in Lanzarote are Hemperor Playa Blanca and Grass Monkey Lanzarote.

Hemperor Playa Blanca

The Hemperor Playa Blanca is one of the best cannabis social clubs in Lanzarote. We like this club because it welcomes locals as well as tourists. To gain entry, you’ll need your passport and 20 euros.

Another thing that we like about this club is that the registration process is very easy. This club is an excellent choice for tourists and people just passing through Lanzarote. The atmosphere is chill, and visitors are just as welcome as regulars.

This club offers PlayStation games and TV, and it’s a pleasantly cool climate to get out of the heat outside.

We also like that the menu changes every week. They offer very high-quality weed at reasonable prices. The cannabis at Hemperor Playa Blanca is a step above any of the other clubs in Lanzarote.

Their address is Calle el Correillo, 56, 35580 Playa Blanca, Las Palmas, Spain. You can also contact them with email:

Hemperor Playa Blanca is open from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm Monday through Thursday, and from 12 pm to 9 pm on Friday and Saturday. They are closed on Sundays.

Grass Monkey Lanzarote

Another cannabis club that we recommend in Lanzarote is the Grass Monkey. The Grass Monkey Lanzarote features a super friendly staff. And you’re always likely to find great prices because the club offers constantly changing deals.

One thing that we like about this club is that there is no admission fee. On top of that, the registration process is very simple and straight forward.

The Grass Monkey isn’t as well-established as some of the larger clubs in Lanzarote. However, it has a very strong reputation for being one of the best.

The address for the Grass Monkey is Calle Jameos 1 Puerto del Carmen, Canarias ES 35510. You can contact them on the phone or by email. The phone number is +34 828 125807, and their email address is

They also have a Facebook page where you can find all sorts of deals, including four joints for 10 euros.

This cannabis club is open seven days a week from 11 am to 1 pm. And you must be at least 18 years old to enter.


Fuerteventura is another beautiful Spanish island in the Canaries. This popular tourist destination offers gorgeous scenery with crystal clear water and black volcanic beaches. The climate is near perfect year-round.

The food in Fuerteventura is fabulous. And so is the weed.

Fuerteventura has several excellent cannabis social clubs. You can also easily find weed and hash being sold on the streets.

But don’t forget that having or using marijuana outside of a private home or club can get you into trouble. It is illegal to have weed out on the streets, but the drug has been decriminalized.

That means that if a cop catches you with a few grams, you will likely only be given a fine. Many times the police will let you go with just a warning. There’s also a chance that the cops could confiscate your weed. It really depends on your circumstances and the police officer that stops you. If you are polite and helpful with the police, you should be fine.

Your best bet to keep out of trouble is to buy and use your cannabis in a club. Two of our favorites in Fuerteventura are the Green Wave and the Klinic Cannabis Club.

The Green Wave

The Green Wave is another cannabis social club that accepts tourists. You will need to contact them before your arrival to get all the information you need, but the registration process is simple.

The membership fee for the year is 50 euros. When you pay your fee, you’ll be given a free gram of weed.

The Green Wave offers a good selection of cannabis, and when you buy your bud, they will give you a free grinder, rolling papers, and filters. The inside of this club is nothing extravagant, but the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming, and there’s a pool and PlayStation games.

The prices are also reasonable–10 euros per gram.

This year the Green Wave offers three different types of weed, including one Indica, one Sativa, and one hybrid. And the quality of the marijuana is exceptional, especially compared to other clubs in Fuerteventura.

The Green Wave is open every day from 12 pm to 12 am. You can contact them on WhatsApp at +34695096768. You can also follow them on Instagram. To enter, you must be at least 18 years old.

Klinic Cannabis Club

Klinic Cannabis Club is one of the best clubs in the Canary Islands. It was founded in 2017, and it has grown in popularity over the past three years.

The staff at the Klinic Cannabis Club is very knowledgeable, and you will find a wide variety of strains and edibles. The atmosphere at this club is pleasant and welcoming for both recreational and medicinal users.

You must be 18 years old to become a member of this club. You also have to be a current or former marijuana user. The club doesn’t accept first-time users.

Some nights the club features live bands. There’s plenty of seating and things to do, including a pool table and music players.

When you arrive, you must present your ID at their reception. You can avoid any delays by pre-registering on their website. You can reach them by phone at +34 928 60 70 54.

The membership fees for the Klinic Cannabis Club is 10 euros for six months or 20 euros for a year. And the club is open every day from 10 am to 11 pm.

The Bottom Line

All the clubs that we have listed are exceptional in their own way. They offer a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere and ambiance. Most of them also feature incredible scenery, to say nothing of the pot.

The Canary Islands are a true paradise, complete with killer weed. It’s easy to understand why so many people come to visit and never want to leave.

You will find plenty of dealers on the street selling weed and hash in the Canaries too. Their prices are generally lower than what you’ll find in the clubs, and you can often haggle them down even lower. But the pot that you buy on the streets is poor quality, especially compared to what the clubs have to offer. The CSCs are also much safer.

So take in the sights and sounds of the islands. And toke up while you’re there. But do it in the safety of one of the cannabis social clubs. Have a great trip!