10 Places Where You Can Smoke Weed in Spain

The legal status of marijuana in Spain is filled with grey areas. There are, though, designated places in some cities of Spain where it is legal to smoke and purchase marijuana in small amounts. As long as you are an adult and a member of the establishment, you are pretty much good to go. These establishments are called cannabis clubs, and they are sweeping the country of Spain in increasing numbers.

Where are you allowed to smoke weed in Spain?  

Ten places you can smoke weed in Spain are:

  1. Zanzi
  2. Klinic Cannabis Club
  3. The Amsterdamed Cannabis Club
  4. Cannabis Club Madrid
  5. Green Planet Association Cannabis Club
  6. MBC Marijuana Barcelona Club
  7. Castello Cannabis Club
  8. G13 Cannabis Club
  9. Kushing Coffee Shop Malaga 

People of Spain have been taking advantage of a grey area in the legislation when it comes to marijuana. Many cities like Barcelona and Valencia have seen it as a great opportunity to lower unemployment rates and bring in more money to help their cities prosper, with the development of cannabis clubs. These clubs must follow certain rules, though, rules that discourage short-term tourists from being able to join in on the fun.

10 Places Where You Can Smoke Weed in Spain

Within the last two years, specifically, Spain has become the most progressive country in Europe when it comes to the legalization of marijuana. When they first opened up cannabis clubs, there was only a handful, and they kept getting raided by law enforcement because of immense grey areas in the laws. Today though, these clubs are popping up everywhere, and law enforcement is beginning to back off.

As long as the owners of these establishments are following the rules that are now in place for cannabis clubs, then law enforcement doesn’t seem too worried about them. The legalization of medical marijuana in Spain also helped with the leniency in these clubs.

To be allowed into a cannabis club, you must first be an adult, but you also must be a member of the specific club you are trying to get into. Typically becoming a member is not that hard to do, but you must wait two weeks before your membership is approved. This is why it is harder for passing tourists to buy and smoke marijuana while visiting these cities in Spain. Once you are a member, though, you can purchase and smoke weed within the establishments for a small fee.

This fee is what really brings in money for these cities. The cannabis clubs are helping to turn the lifestyle in these cities around. They are seeing more money coming in and able to enhance the lives of the members of their communities. Because of this, it really doesn’t look like cannabis clubs are going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, they only seem to be multiplying in numbers each year.

In no particular order, here are ten places in Spain to enjoy marijuana:

Zanzi Cannabis Club

At the front of Port Olympic is where Zanzi Cannabis Club resides. This is one of the best areas in Barcelona. It has been made famous for its nightlife and water sport activities, and beautiful beaches. This cannabis club is in the heart of it all. A minutes’ walk away from all the fun. They strive to be the best in Barcelona for more reasons than just their quality.

Their quality is number one, though. They state that they always offer the best product available. Their product also includes a wide variety of indica and sativa strains. If you would like to take a closer look at the inside of their shop before travelling, you can hop on their website and enjoy looking through a gallery of photos. They even have video games and vending machines to complete the experience.

Reviews of this club emphasize their impeccable customer service, along with the quality of the product. The club room offers a number of ways to sit back and relax while you enjoy your purchase. It makes you want to stay for hours.

Sweet Leaf Family Club

Located in the resort town of Puerto del Carmen on the southeast coast of Spain, Sweet Leaf Family club is just that, a family. A smaller club in comparison to some of the others, but they specialize in making their customers feel at home. Their small, close-knit family feeling doesn’t mean that they don’t have a variety of product either.

Their photos showcase a line of happy customers, different flower varieties, as well as edibles. Even their smoking area is small to ensure you leave there with possibly a new friend or two. It encourages the culture that weed is known for. Everyone is friendly and loving and willing to share and help out.

Sweet Leaf also mentions that they are able to translate any language, which opens up any language barrier that may arise. They truly want to appeal to anyone, promoting an open and kind atmosphere to enjoy marijuana and laugh together. This is a great place to visit if you are in the Puerto del Carmen area and in need of a relaxing day and good weed. 

Klinic Cannabis Club

The Klinic Cannabis Club is a cannabis club located in the Playa Honda, Canarias area. This cannabis club is one for the books. They have a highly experienced staff that are great at what they do and make sure every client is well cared for. You really have nothing to worry about whether you are a first-time smoker or seasoned veteran. The staff will answer any questions you have and with a smile on their face.

Not only this, but they also have a wide selection of products. All of which are neatly displayed and labeled with the percent of THC in each. Selling product that is indica, sativa, and a blend of the two. Aside from their products, Klinic Cannabis Club also has an amazing area to try out your new product. Their dimly lit, modern furniture and flat-screen TVs really make you feel at home.

They have more than just THC products, and they also have a line of CBD products to cater to the customers that only want the medicinal benefits associated with the cannabis plant. Their line of CBD products are not lacking either, welcoming a line of products ranging from oils and creams, tinctures, teas, and vaporizers to concentrates and edibles. 

The Amsterdamed Cannabis Club

The Amsterdamed Cannabis Club is a club located closely to the Klinic Cannabis Club. It isn’t a high-end luxurious experience like that of their neighbors down the street, but they have quality product nonetheless. If you are looking for good quality at an even better price, this is the place for you. You aren’t paying extra for the experience, but you are getting a great product and a comfy couch to sit on. 

The environment of this cannabis club invites you to sit with strangers and enjoy your purchases will still being close enough to read over the menu items for a possible second helping if you will. They offer edibles as well as flower and concentrates. Their widest variety lies within their flower strains, though. Just because they are a smaller club doesn’t mean you won’t have a variety of indica and sativa, and blends to choose from.

Many customers comment on the friendly staff and laid-back environment. You walk in and don’t feel pressured to act or speak a certain way. Everyone is welcomed with open arms. This is a club where you will be sitting close with other customers, though, so if this isn’t for you, then you may be looking for one of the larger cannabis clubs to go to. 

Cannabis Club Madrid

Many people have named the Cannabis Club Madrid, the best cannabis club in Madrid. It is a bigger cannabis club though with chains in other countries. You will not receive the same customer experience you could expect from a smaller, locally started cannabis club. That said, though, this is a cannabis club that doesn’t mess around. They know what’s out there, and they are not afraid to let you know. 

In fact, they are eager to let you in on some of the product secrets, like which are worth the higher price tag. They also pride themselves on a hassle-free experience for their customers. Whether you are new to the scene or have been smoking for years, the staff are prepared for any type of customer.

 Many of the customers also compliment them on their “living room atmosphere.” The type of atmosphere where you don’t feel pressured to smoke and leave. Feel free to stay awhile and really feel the quality of your purchase. They also highly recommend you finish what you have purchased before leaving, as smoking in public in Spain is still illegal. This is not mandatory but is highly encouraged nonetheless. 

Green Planet Association Cannabis Club

Green Planet Association is a non-profit private cannabis club located in Barcelona. Their mission is to deliver cannabis to recreational users and therapeutic users alike, in a controlled atmosphere. They make it clear that they are advocates and defenders of the controlled and legal usage of cannabis. This is a cannabis club that makes sure to stay on top of the current legislation as to not break any laws or hinder the progression of the legalization of marijuana in any way.

They offer all kinds of information on their website from fun to advice to legal information. Green Planet is truly dedicated to the advancement of the industry. Not only this, but they are also completely dedicated to cultivating a variety of different high-quality strains for their consumers.

 When customers come into the club can enjoy a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere with comfortable furniture to enjoy their purchases. Something they offer that not many other cannabis clubs offer is nights for live music and artistic events. They provide a variety of tastes in entertainment to suit all of their customers’ interests.

MBC Marijuana Barcelona Club

 Marijuana Barcelona Club is a cannabis club located in the heart of Barcelona and is named one of the best in the city. And this is a city that has over 100 cannabis clubs within it. They state that their main goal is to provide an experience that is unmatched. MBC wants its customers to think of them every time they are in need of marijuana.

They also feature smoking areas that are comparable to a nice dining experience. Complete with can be sure that when you walk into Marijuana Barcelona Club that you will get the best prices for the best quality marijuana.

They pride themselves on having an open and friendly atmosphere, as well as staff members. Not only is the staff helpful with questions about weed, but they will also answer any questions about the city that you might have. A club that believes in equal opportunities for adults, you can feel assured that visiting or working here will be a great choice. The reviews agree that this is by far one of the best cannabis clubs in Barcelona. 

Castello Cannabis Club

This is more than just a cannabis club. Castello Cannabis Club also offers medical services vis Skype, with psychologists and nutritionists. If you are coming for medical reasons, this is a place where you will find the right answers for you. They are located near a beach and offer full privacy to their customers. 

Castello Cannabis Club grows its own crop, and it is of the best quality. They also have many different strains to choose from. You don’t have to smoke either. They sell edibles and oils, as well. Many customers have said that their pain was significantly decreased after smoking the product from this club.

The atmosphere may not be as high end as some of the other cannabis clubs on the list, but what they lack in the atmosphere they more than make up for in logistics and quality. They also offer some of the lower prices on the list as well. The only downside is they have a significantly long waiting list for memberships, taking as long as three months before acceptance is allowed.

G13 Cannabis Club 

G13 Cannabis Club is yet another cannabis club located in the heart of Barcelona. Barcelona is packed with different cannabis clubs, but this one is definitely one of the best. It may be in the heart of the city, but it is still in a more secluded area, so you feel the privacy you are looking for in the cannabis club experience. 

Upon walking into the club for the first time, most people are completely mesmerized. The dimly lit club is filled with beautiful architecture and décor. This just makes your time at the club that much more special. There is so much to look at while you enjoy your purchases. The seating areas are all quite unique, as well. And if you come in and find yourself not wanting to necessarily relax, there are pool tables you can enjoy too.  

There is a lot to enjoy in this club any many people have given it raving reviews. It is definitely not like any other cannabis club as far as the decorations go, and the quality of their marijuana is incomparable. 

Kushing Coffee Shop Malaga

This dimly-lit cannabis club is a very unique addition to the list because it is also a coffee shop. Who doesn’t want coffee with their weed? Kushing Coffee Shop is located in Malaga and is worth a trip in if you find yourself nearby. They have a team dedicated to service and providing a seamless experience for their customers. A true gem in the city of Malaga, and making a name for cannabis clubs everywhere.

Their menu showcases naturally indoor-grown weed that comes in indica, sativa, and blended strains. Not only this, but they also have a nice variety of coffee to look through as well. You can personalize your experience and make your coffee match the taste of the marijuana you are purchasing. Complete with comfy couches in their sitting area, so you feel at home while drinking your cup-o-joe and enjoying your fresh weed.

Customers love this place, explaining that the weed and coffee are both delicious and reasonably priced. Not many people in the industry are doing what Kushing Coffee Shop is doing, and that is what makes them stand out. Definitely a place worth stopping into, even if only for the coffee.

Cannabis clubs in Spain have provided people with a private place to relax and let their pain and stresses fall away. More and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of consuming marijuana, and that is why we are seeing more cannabis clubs pop up every year in this country. It is safe to say, Spain is well on its way to recreational legalization of marijuana.

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