How to Get Weed in Seville

Seville is an amazing Spanish city full of history and adventure. If you know where to look, weed can be a part of your time there too. Just a little information about the ins and outs of getting weed in Seville will help put your mind at ease and make it easier to find when you’re there.

How do you get weed in Seville? It is legal to smoke in private in Spain. There are many social clubs in Seville that serve as private spaces to smoke. You can’t just sell it. 

There’s no need to worry about smoking weed in Seville. If you’re caught smoking in public, buying weed illegally, or carrying a bit, you’ll likely end up with a small fine. You can avoid that concern entirely, though, if you join a club. 

There are some basics about clubs that you should know beforehand as a little info about how they work, and the legal status of weed in Spain can help you figure out how to get the most out of your time in Seville.

Is Weed Legal in Spain?

Weed is legal in Spain as long as you are in private. That being said, enforcement on this topic can be pretty lax. It’s not uncommon to see people smoking in parks or by bars. If you’re a tourist, though, it’s generally wise to play a little by the book. You don’t want your trip, or even just one night, ruined because you decided to smoke outside a bar instead of inside a club.

If you’re smart and discreet, you shouldn’t run into many issues buying, carrying, or smoking weed. Don’t make the classic mistake of forgetting foreign countries have laws to enforce too. At worst, you’ll probably only have to pay a fine, but you can avoid it by joining a club or being reasonably reserved in public when smoking or buying.

If something does go wrong and you have to speak to the police, do not try to speak Spanish unless you are fluent. While there is a common thought that locals get better treatment than tourists, always speak to police in a language you understand perfectly.

You do not want to accidentally confess to something you didn’t do because you mixed up words or misheard them. Many people in Spain speak English, so you should be safe in assuming if the officer can’t communicate with you clearly, they will call in another one who can.

Carrying Weed

Whether you buy weed from a club or dealer, it is illegal to carry more than 50 grams. If you carry that much on you and are stopped, you can be charged with being a danger to public health. This is especially true if the weed is wrapped into smaller portions.

The punishment for carrying weed is Spain is relatively lax, and the standard for what counts as personal use is pretty high. So long as you aren’t distributing while in Seville, you probably don’t have to worry about carrying limits.

Where to Buy Weed in Seville

There are legal and illegal ways to get weed in Seville. Enforcement on the latter is pretty lax, but if you want to play by the book, you’ll have to join a club. For locals, the go-to legal way of procuring bud is to grow it themselves. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have time to grow your own supply, so you’ll have to find a vendor regardless.

Illegal Vendors

Buying weed isn’t legal in public in Seville, so you won’t see tons of dispensaries. Instead, you have to buy from a dealer. Dealers generally hang out in the tourist areas, so you probably won’t spend too much time looking for someone. You can also check out the Alameda neighborhood, though, if you feel like seeing a different part of the city.

There’s not a clear rule for how to find a quality dealer. Just know that weed costs about 6-7 euros a gram. If someone asks for way more than that, it’s not a good sign. Use caution, all around, if you plan to buy weed on the street. (You’re better off going to a club, for safety’s sake.)

If you are in a nightclub or bar when the mood strikes, you can ask people you suspect smoke if you can buy a bit off of them. If they agree, they might charge a higher rate than normal. Unless you get lucky, they also are probably sharing their worst weed. Either way, this is an effective way to get just a little weed when you’re already out.

Legal Vendors

Weed clubs sell members a limited amount of weed. Their product is reliable and reviewed, so it’s a better bet than most of the stuff on the street. The true connoisseur is probably going to be better off going to one of the clubs than to a street dealer.

Smoking Clubs

Weed clubs in Seville aren’t about heavy techno or late-night dancing; they’re a laid back social space where it’s legal to smoke. There you can also mingle and buy a bit of quality bud without the hassle of having to track someone down.

Since they’re social clubs, weed clubs have different barriers for entry than simply flashing an ID at the door. You need to be a member to enter. To get a membership, you need four things:

  1. A government-issued ID
  2. To be old enough for the club (+18 or 21 depending on the club)
  3. A Spanish Address
  4. A referral

The first two are pretty straight-forward. Getting a Spanish address is easy too. For most places, you can just list the address of your hotel/hostel/Airbnb. The referral is a little more complicated, but with planning and a little help, you should be fine.

Getting a Referral

Depending on how you ended up in Seville, this will be pretty easy. For students on study abroad, you might organically get a referral from local friends. Anyone who makes friends with hostel staff will probably have the same luck.

If you want to be sure or don’t have time in the city to let things play out, there are ways to guarantee referrals. Check out Spain Weed Guide’s site to request an invitation to a club. An invitation isn’t a referral, but it’s the first and hardest step. Once you get a foot in the door, it’s a lot easier.

If there is one club you would like to join specifically, either because you did research or because you see it’s close to you, you can try to reach out to them. If you message them on Facebook or call them, lots of clubs will hook you up with an invitation even if you don’t have a referral.

After a Referral

Once you have your referral in order, you will need to make an appointment with the club for an entrance interview. Don’t worry. The interview process is generally just a formality to check that your documents are in order.

After you are approved as a member, you need to pay membership dues. Membership dues are almost always offered for an annual rate. You can expect to pay about 30 euros for a yearlong membership.

Inside Clubs

Once you are a member of a club, they will issue you a membership card that you can show at the door to get in. Inside, they have a selection of strains that you can pick from. Most of the weed in Spain is pretty average. You can expect it to be about as strong as a mid in the United States.

Prices in clubs tend to be higher than on the street. It is worth it, though, because the bud is better, and you don’t have to worry about anyone hustling you or the police showing up. While you will only have to pay about 6-7 euros a gram outside of clubs, inside prices are closer to 8-15 euros a gram.

There is a wider range of prices in social clubs because they carry different types. If you are particular about what you smoke, you will need to join a club. If you buy off the street, you won’t have a say in what type of weed you get.

Finding a Club

The referral system can make it hard to pick which club you end up going to. You might end up at one because that’s where your friends go even if you did a lot of prior research and were thinking of joining someplace else.

If you’re requesting an invitation to a club or have multiple referral options, getting a little info on places will help you find the best fit for you.

There are reviews and guides online that list top clubs. You can check out Weedmap’s top five cannabis clubs in Seville to get a good list of potential clubs going.

When considering which clubs to join, there are a few things you should keep in mind: 

  • Do they serve food?
  • What is the vibe?
  • Where is it?

Many, but not all, clubs will offer a basic menu for members. If you get pretty serious munchies, this is definitely something to consider. Chances are any club you stumble into will have a menu, but if you’re searching for one, this is something to be aware of.

To get a sense of the vibe, read reviews, and see who’s offering referrals. Places that local friends recommend are going to be chill. If a street hawker gave you a suggestion, though, it might be a bit of a tourist trap. In general, doing a little research first will probably help you identify what type of place you’re looking to join.

Tips for Your Research

While you’re doing research online, keep an eye on addresses. You don’t want to get your heart set on a place only to discover that it’s miles out of your way. If a club you are considering is a bus ride or two away from your place, it might be worth it to find something a little closer.

Being at a club should be a relaxing experience. If you have to figure out how to navigate a new city’s public transit or are gearing up to walk two miles back to your place, that can be a bit of a buzz kill. Instead, even if it might be a little more touristy, check out clubs that are around your accommodations.

Distance, fortunately, is less of a concern in Seville. There are plenty of clubs located in the city limits. If, however, you end up traveling to other cities, especially smaller ones, you should expect to take buses to the clubs.

This is because each city has unique laws around clubs. They sell weed, which is technically illegal in Spain, but it is legal to smoke in them, and no one is trying to shut them down. Sometimes this legal ambiguity, however, means that they open just outside of a city instead of in the center.

Smoking in Public

Yes, it is technically illegal to smoke in public in Seville. Everyone does, anyway. The enforcement of this is famously lax. If you are going to smoke in public, don’t be a nuisance, but otherwise, you should be okay.

Just how little people care about this law will be apparent pretty quickly. It isn’t uncommon for Spaniards who smoke to light up while walking down the street. If you pay attention, you’ll notice the smell of weed in public places isn’t uncommon.


Seville has beautiful parks. On sunny days, you can go visit one of them, sit, smoke, and enjoy the sun. Check out the park on the river at the end of el Paseo del Colon and Calle Reyes Católicos. It’s more of a local’s park with an alternative crowd. It’s a great place to set up camp for an afternoon and relax.

You can also try the parks by Placa Encarnacion or Placa de Espana. According to this article from a smoker who lived in Seville, no one ever bothered them while they smoked here.

No matter where in the city you decide to smoke, be sure to bring something to drink. In the summer, you are going to want some water since the temperature can easily hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the afternoon.


Elefunk and Fun Club are two great clubs that will let you smoke inside. Fun Club is also a good place to go because it hosts regular gigs for all sorts of music genres and has been around since the 1980s.

Since 2011, it has been illegal to smoke anything in a bar. As a result, you might want to be careful about which bars you try to smoke in. This BBC article explains a bit of the law and the reasons behind it. It doesn’t mention that the law doesn’t apply to water pipes, though, so if you enjoy hookah and were hoping to find somewhere for that, you’re in luck still.

For smoking weed, or anything else, in a bar, locals are the best guide. If you stumble into a place that smells of weed and you see lit cigarettes, you can take that as a pretty good indicator that you will be fine to smoke as well.


Spain and Morocco have a close trade relationship and a deep history. In Morocco, hash is king (after the actual king). So, all the boats going between the two countries result in a lot of good hash in Spain.

If you are used to stronger strands of marijuana, than you’ve been able to find in Spain, consider switching to hash for a bit. Moroccan hash packs a punch. What you get in Spain is some of the best stuff you can find.

Hash in Spain goes for about 20 euros for 4 grams. Before you shell out more, buy and try this. If it is good, go back. If not, try finding another vendor.

Hash in Seville?

Smoking clubs in Seville tend to focus on weed. If you are looking for hash specifically, you should ask your referral what the club’s policy is on hash. It might be that they sell a bit or refuse to let you smoke it there. Since each club is private, they get to make their own rules.

The rules for finding, buying, and smoking hash in Seville are pretty similar to those surrounding weed. You can even grow your own if you are planning to stay in Seville for an extended time.

If you buy weed off of someone, there’s a decent chance you can ask them about where to find hash too. Some dealers will work with both. So, if you find someone selling one quality item, they might be able to hook you up with the other as well.

Temporary Closures

At the writing of this article, much of Spain is shut down. The COVID-19 pandemic is limiting tourism and non-essential business in Spain. While clubs should reopen with everything else when restrictions lift, they are temporarily closed at the moment.

You can still do research for future trips, the drug laws in Spain aren’t likely to change at this time, and clubs are hoping to reopen ASAP. Just note that if you are there now, the social clubs are closed to promote social distancing.