Top 5 Weedmaps Cannabis Clubs in Sevilla

Spain is one of the European countries where you will find some of the most experienced weed consumers. The country is embracing the concept of social weed-smoking gradually. In fact, the rates of legal weed usage in the country only fall behind the U.S and Iceland, and by a small margin. According to statistics from Recovery Brand, about 10% of the population in Spain use weed frequently for recreational and medical purposes.

Today, Spain has several cannabis clubs spread across its cities where members can enjoy various products of the plant legally and safely. In this piece, we want to highlight some of the top weedmaps Sevilla cannabis clubs. So if you are a ganja connoisseur in Spain, you might want to take a trip to Sevilla and check out these top-rated weed clubs.

Top 5 Weedmaps Cannabis Clubs in Sevilla

1. Santa Haze

This is one of Sevilla’s top private cannabis social clubs. Santa Haze has everything a weed connoisseur could want; from an inviting atmosphere, perfect location, a great selection of weed products, to an accommodating staff. The club offers members an excellent social environment and top-in-class customer service. This, coupled with their top-shelf cannabis products, makes Santa Haze one of the top-rated weedmaps Sevilla cannabis clubs.

Santa Haze has a striking contrast to some of the top cannabis clubs in Barcelona and the capital, Madrid. From its stylish and welcoming entrance to the spacious interior spanned with posh couches, the club offers the ultimate stoned relaxation to its members.

They have numerous indicas, sativas, and hybrids on offer. There are also lots of professionally-made extractions like oils, creams, wax, salves, shatter, distillates, among other products.

2. Green City Sevilla

Located in the heart of the city, Green City is a great cannabis club to meet interesting weed consumers and smoke nice weed together. Perhaps one of the most outstanding things about Green City Sevilla is its friendly and attentive staff.

They also have a great selection of weed products, including hash and raw flowers. Their menu boasts of more than 20 strains of sativas, indicas, and hybrids. If your membership request goes through, you will definitely want to get back there over and over again.

3. Bad Dog

Bad Dog is one of the few weedmaps Sevilla clubs setting themselves apart as leaders among several cannabis associations in Sevilla. Rated five stars in the locality, Bad Dog has learned to uniquely blend a cool, inviting atmosphere, excellent customer service, and a selection of top-quality weed products to keep its members satisfied.

Once you get in there, you get the impression that the members have a sense of pride in being part of the club and its inclusivity. They happily praise the social scene and rank the cannabis they get there positively against other well-known cannabis clubs in Sevilla, Valencia, and Barcelona.

Apart from their variety of weed products, Bad Dog has something else to offer members-nice music. Here, you will get to listen to nice light rock songs playing in the background as you smoke. There’s no such thing as gangster rap or heavy techno here; just nice songs that am sure you very well know the words to.

4. Ganja’s Club

This is one of the most unique and finest weedmaps Sevilla cannabis clubs. With a stunning environment, as well as a diverse selection of weed products, Ganja’s Club has set new standards for originality in the city. While most of its members go there for recreational purposes, the club also caters to medical weed users.

The interior displays carefully-chosen décor acts, one of the most striking features of this club. There is a large space to take several members at ago, and the staff is always there for you.

Their menu boasts of more than 20 different sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Among them include Somango, Gelato, and Dona Angela. They also have a range of topical and digestible products, including CBD teas, gummies, tinctures, as well as topical oils and creams.

5. La Nube Cannabis Club

An exclusive and friendly place for all types of weed consumers, La Nube Cannabis Club offers a comfy setting, attentive staff, and really good weed. For many cannabis connoisseurs in Sevilla, this weed café offers a safe place in the city where they can legally acquire and consume ganja products in a region that boasts of some of the attractions in the city.

Choose from such sativas as AK-47, Skunk, Amnesia Purple Haze, Super Lemon Haze, and Amnesia Original. Hybrids include Sour Critical and Critical 2.0. They have indicas like Sweet tooth, Headband, and Rasberry Tooth; and pollen and hashes like Mexican, Charas, Cream, and BHO.

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