Top 5 Weedmaps Cannabis Clubs in Madrid

Sunny Spain! Known for its hospitable people, football, world-class cuisine, gorgeous weather, and until just a few years ago, really good Marijuana. With Morocco (one of the biggest producers of weed) right across the narrow Strait of Gibraltar, it is no wonder that hashish is now a well-known gem in the cities of Spain.

If you are looking for weed in Spain, the best way to get and enjoy it is to join a weed club. And there are hundreds of them across the country. Madrid alone hosts more than 90 cannabis social clubs and being the helpful folks that we’re, in this piece, we’ve highlighted some of top weedmaps Madrid clubs.

Top 5 Weedmaps Cannabis Clubs in Madrid:

1. Gasolina Social Club

This is one of the top private weed clubs in Madrid. Opened in 2018, the club has some of the best marijuana products you can hope to find in the Spanish capital.

The club is located right in the city center in a neighborhood called Chamberi. And like most other weedmaps Madrid cannabis clubs, Gasolina is quite discreet. Many people have never figured out that next to a bank, some tapas bars, and shops, is a spacious oasis in which you can relax and smoke weed.

This club carries a raft of weed products for all types of consumers. At any given time, the club offers 12-15 different cured flower options, including a range of Sativa, Indica, as well as hybrids. Among the top-selling strains in Gasolina include Grana Purple, Gelato #33, Tahoe Kush, and Mango, which of course, are common in dispensaries and weed clubs across the world. Gasolina also exclusively offers strains like Bloodline, Zookies, and Tangie Animal.

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2. Green Shot Cannabis Social Club

Easily comparable to the speak-easy style of the equally famous Marijuana Social Club in Barcelona, this is another desirable top weed club in the Spanish capital.

Spread over two uniquely designed levels, Green Shot offers lots of space to everyone. The management and staff are dedicated to offering members the ultimate weed experience in an environment that’s chill and joyful. In addition to a bar stocked with snacks and drinks and a room with several vending machines, the club also offers members standard weed accessories like tips, bongs, lighters, rolling papers, grinders, et cetera. Need something but can’t find it? Just ask the staff members, and they’ll be happy to assist.

You’ll find several types of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid marijuana flowers here. Some strains on offer include Hawaiian, Harybo, Pakistan Valley Purple, Amnesia, Lemon, and Shark x AK 47. The club also has an exclusive collection of traditional hashes like Hardala, Candy, Cheese, Super Silver, and OG Kush.

Green Shot’s dispensary also features a raft of supplies and vape pens, so when you are there, be sure to ask for what you need because not all accessories and products are available.

3. The Green Toy

Managed by a friendly, ambitious, and energetic team that’s led by a driven and well-connected President, Green Toy is sure to give you the ultimate weed experience. Simply put, this is a simple, down-to-earth cannabis club dedicated to offering its members a diverse selection of top-quality weed.

The club has a range of Sativa, Indica, and hybrid products available. Some strains you can hope to find here include Tahoe Kush, Mango, Lemon, Double OG, La Santa, among others. They also have some of the strongest weed extractions in Madrid. In addition, they have pre-rolled Mariachi, BHO, shatter, and various traditional charas.

4. Los Secretos de Maria

Like most cannabis clubs in Madrid, Los Secretos de Maria is very easy to miss. The club is located on a quiet street in the upper part of Madrid, and many people will never know the club is there. The fact that the club is a little bit outside the city center makes for a peaceful and safe environment where you can relax and smoke weed.

Perhaps the best thing about this club is its cannabis selection. They have a range of raw flower strains like Strawberry, Mako Haze, La Santa, and Double OG. And their quality is top-notch; twist off the lid of a jar containing Mako Haze, and you will want to have your nose buried in those beautiful buds’ sweet fragrance indefinitely. Break open their finer hash, and a smile will stretch across your lips. It is that kind of excellent quality we’re talking about.

Los Secretos de Maria also offers its members everything they require to consume their cannabis products properly and safely. This includes bongs, tips, pipes, grinders, rolling machines, lighters, hookahs, etc.

5. The Friend’s House

Friend’s House is among the best-kept secrets in the Spanish capital. The weedmaps Madrid cannabis club features multiple tastefully-adorned rooms where members get to relax and enjoy their hashish.

They also have a range of marijuana strains on offer, including raw flowers like Critical Bilbo, Double OG, and Strawberry. They also have some strains you’ll hardly find elsewhere in Spain, including Zookies, Bloodline, and Tangie. This is a perfect cannabis clubs where weed consumers can safely acquire superior weed and spend quality time.

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