Top 5 Weedmaps Cannabis Clubs In Valencia

Spain has experienced a boom in legal weed smoking in recent years, with over 800 cannabis clubs opened since 2010. This has seen several weed connoisseurs and experienced consumers visit Spain’s cities every year. While most of the pot membership clubs are located in the capital Madrid and Barcelona, many are also spread in other cities.
In this piece, we will be reviewing weedmaps Valencia cannabis clubs. And because there are so many of them, we have selected five, which we think will give you the ultimate weed experience. So in case you’re looking for a top-rated pot club in Valencia where you can safely enjoy your buds, you might want to visit one these.

Top 5 Weedmaps Cannabis Clubs In Valencia

1. Kritical Cannabis Club

This is one of the biggest private cannabis social clubs in Valencia. With a wide selection of pot products and an attentive, smiley staff, the club is one of the favorites for both the locals and weed tourists. The club has lots of space for the members, and the atmosphere is inviting and comfortable. It makes for the perfect place to include as part of your nights out in the city or for a clean, comfortable space to enjoy a joint during the daytime.
They have a selection of both standard and unique strains of sativa, indica, and the hybrids. You can hope to choose from Lemon Haze, Super Silver Haze, Amnesia G13, Jack’s Haze, and Afghan Kush. Some of the unique strains available here include Liberty Haze, Candi Kush, and Butterscotch.

The club also has a bar that serves a variety of refreshments like coffee, tea, and soda. They also serve beer and wine. They also give you bongs, filters, papers, and lighters to make sure you’re enjoying your weed as you should.

2. Next Level Club

If you are lucky enough to step inside the Next Level Club, you will immediately realize this isn’t your average stoner café. The club is almost always bathed in happy smokers chatting with each other over the music playing in the background. The fact that this weedmaps Valencia cannabis club hosts a variety of weed strains, plus plenty of electrical sockets and, of course, great customer service, makes it one of the top-rated in the city.

One thing that stood out for me is that each of their strains has some genetic information available. For instance, they will tell you the percentage of Indica or Sativa, as well as the parent strains it was derived from. They even tell you the kind of high expected. They have such strains as Great White Shark, Cheese-SoMango, NXL Special, Master Kush, among others. If you are a weed enthusiast in Valencia, this club is definitely worth visiting.

3. Casper

With a great selection of marijuana products, excellent artistic décor, and a few surprises here and there, Casper is one the best weedmaps Valencia cannabis clubs. This pot café has uniquely managed to be everything an experienced weed smoker would expect of a top social weed club. It manages to be exclusive but warm, abstract, but down-to-earth.

Here you can freely enjoy strains like Nuken, Green Spirit, Big Bud, Shiva Shanti, White Shark, Shishkaberry, Medicine Man, among others. Their customer service is also one of the best in the city.

4. Riff Club

Riff Club provides members ample space to spread out, chill, and enjoy the wide selection of pot products they have on offer. I must testify here that Riff Club has some of best pot I have ever had. Their marijuana selection is a little larger than most other cannabis clubs in the city. They have such unique strains as Cinderella 99, which you will hardly find anywhere else.

Although their menu changes from time to time, they boast of offering up to 14 different strains, plus a range of hash and extracts. There is also a dispensary that offers a variety of cookie dishes like muffins with cannacream frosting. When you are in Valencia, you should visit the Riff Club.

5. Valencia North

This is one of the weedmaps Valencia cannabis clubs focused more on providing members good weed at a relatively fair cost compared to most other clubs in the city. Be sure to find a wide range of weed strains, including Blueberry Haze, Tripical, Orange Bud, Super Lemon Haze, and Ocean Pacific, among others.

Obviously, Valencia has many other top-rated weedmaps cannabis clubs. However, considering their weed selection, customer service, and comfort, we feel that these five top the list. Be sure to check them out when you are in town.

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Popular Clubs in Valencia

Best 5 Cannabis Clubs in Valencia

Best 5 Cannabis Clubs in Valencia

While cannabis is not technically legal in Spain, the local authorities have a lax attitude towards it, which has led to many private cannabis clubs across the southern part of the country. These clubs closely resemble the earliest cannabis collectives in California prior to legalization. 

So, where are the best cannabis clubs in Valencia? 

These five cannabis clubs are some of the top-quality ones you’ll find:

  •  SOLO Asociacion Cultural
  • Kritical Cannabis Club
  • Next Level Club
  • Riff Club
  • Asociacion THC Valencia

Private cannabis clubs in Valencia can be a great way to indulge in Spain’s burgeoning cannabis culture, but you’ll need to know what to expect in advance. 

While many of these private cannabis clubs are invested in their privacy, making public information on them sparse, read on to find out basic contact information and directions to some of Valencia’s best private cannabis clubs. 

Private Cannabis Clubs in Spain—What Are They and How Do They Work?

Unlike the full-blown commercialization of cannabis culture seen in North America, Spain instead features cannabis social clubs (CSCs), which are private organizations that grow cannabis as a non-profit collective and distribute it only to registered members.

Since there is no motivation within a private cannabis club to turn a profit, increase the number of people smoking cannabis, or initiate new users into these clubs, CSCs are Spain’s answer to a weird legal gray area where cannabis is still illegal in the country but decriminalized. 

Because these clubs are not technically legal, however, finding your way into one of them
can be a bit of a quest. So you’ll need to do a little preparation ahead of time if you plan on visiting one. 

The members that run these clubs tend to be very discreet, especially in the face of increased police crackdowns, and chances are you will not be permitted if you simply walk up to a cannabis club, especially if you are a non-Spanish speaker. 

How to Get into a Cannabis Club in Valencia

The easiest way to get into a cannabis club in Valencia is to be a resident of the city, but if you’re a visiting tourist, you can still manage to get in. Many of these clubs, while offering only vague or even inaccurate addresses for their physical locations, respond well to either phone or email. 

The best way to gain access to a cannabis club while visiting Valencia is to pick out a cannabis club you’re interested in, make sure you meet the requirements (many have strict age requirements, and some require you to be a resident), and send them an email. 

Through email contact, you can usually get much more detailed information about the cannabis club you’re interested in, and through email, a member can often offer an endorsement, set up an appointment for you to visit, or facilitate registration in other ways. 

Tips for Visiting a Cannabis Club in Valencia

When visiting a cannabis club in Valencia, you will often be asked for your Spanish address (this can be a hotel address or a similar temporary location) and your identification.

Once your ID and age are verified, you can then purchase an annual registration to the cannabis club that will cover your entry any time you want to enter the club for up to twelve months. However, note that this fee does not cover the cost of the cannabis you get.

Do not use the words “purchase” or “buy” in reference to obtaining cannabis in a CSC, as most clubs have strict rules against this kind of language to prevent accusations of drug trafficking, and to maintain a non-profit status.

Also note that it is typically forbidden to carry any cannabis out of the club with you when you leave, so it isn’t recommended to buy more than you can smoke in a sitting. However, that probably hasn’t stopped many a stoner from trying to sneak some out at their own risk. 

Best Cannabis Clubs in Valencia

Below are some of the best cannabis social clubs in Valencia. While not all of these clubs are available to tourists, most of them will accept tourism as long as prior conditions are met, and the tourists in question are discreet in their behavior. 

The best option to contact these clubs for further information is to send an email. This can let each individual social club explain its specific rules in more detail since most of this information is private and not public. 

Be sure if you visit any of these cannabis clubs that you bring your photo ID, your money for purchasing both registration and cannabis, and a gracious, adventurous attitude. 

Knowing the Spanish language is also a plus, as some of these clubs feature native Spanish speakers only, and having a budkeep who knows your language is not a guarantee. Since these clubs can vary in friendliness to tourism, fluid communication can be the key to getting in.

SOHO Asociacion Cultural

Address: Carrer del Túria, 46008 València, Spain
Phone Number: +34 612245515
4PM – 11PM, Tuesday through Sunday (closed Mondays)
Notes: Features security, handicap accessibility; ages 21 and up. Professional, friendly staff. Email ahead for your registration appointment.

Kritical Cannabis Club

Address: The address provided online is deliberately inaccurate for the purposes of discretion, email members for the real address
Phone: N/A (email only)
Hours: 1PM to 9PM, 7 days a week
Notes: Entry to this cannabis club is restricted to appointments only, so email ahead. In order to register and gain access to this club, you must be endorsed by a current member of the organization. This cannabis club is handicap accessible and features security. Ages 21 and up.

 Next Level Club

Address: Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana ES 46006
Phone: +34 961917724
Hours: 6PM to 10PM, 7 days a week
Notes: Entry to this cannabis club is restricted to endorsement by a current member, so if you are a tourist call ahead and ask about requirements for entry. Handicap accessible; ages 21 and up. It is easy to get an invite via email. Very friendly and charming staff, but native speakers (no English).

Riff Club

Address: Carrer de Salvador Giner, 10Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana ES 46003
Phone: N/A (email only)
Hours: 4PM – 9PM Monday through Thursday and Saturday; 4PM – 12AM Friday; closed Sundays
Notes: Entry to this cannabis club is (like many others) restricted to endorsement by a current member, so the best bet with this club is to email for more information to get your foot in the door. Good price to weight ratio, friendly helpful staff. Clean club with good bud.

Asociacion THC Valencia

Address: ASPAYM Comunidad Valenciana, Carrer de les Fraules, 10, 46020 Valencia, Spain
Phone: +34 963278654
Hours: 11AM – 10PM, 7 days a week
Notes: Entry to this cannabis club is restricted to residents of Valencia only, which makes it a no go for tourists but a good choice for locals. This club is one of the oldest running cannabis clubs in Valencia, which means getting in can be a little difficult. Ages 18 and up.

Final Thoughts

While getting cannabis in Spain can be a little tricky due to its odd legal status, the country-and Valencia in particular-is experiencing a blossoming of (somewhat underground) cannabis tourism. 

Taking advantage of these private cannabis social clubs can be a little difficult in some cases, as many try to avoid the scrutiny of the law and are not well-advertised as a result. 

But with a few phone calls or emails, you’ll be well on your way to smoking some of the best weed in Spain with some of its most laid-back residents.

The Most Popular Clubs in Valencia

  • Riff Club Valencia
  • Next Level Club
  • Kritical Cannabis Club
  • Asociacion THC Valencia